Andrés García claims to be living his last days and shows himself to be very ill

The famous actor Andrés García has been ill for many months. In a very honest way, she reappeared on her YouTube channel looking very weak and with a shocking and forceful message: “Friends, we may be living the last days of Andrés García because he feels very sick and very weak.“.

In addition, the Mexican actor added that he believes that he will sadly die in the next few days: “Here we are again in the hospital. I don’t know how many times… I’ve already been to the hospital about three times and well, let’s see how we get out of these”. But Andrés García, even when looks and feels very sickdid not miss the opportunity to send a strong message to youth: “With all the kindness and affection in the world, ask the young and those who are not so young about the hepatic cirrhosis. I am already 82 years old. I thought they are stories of our parents, they are tales because I have never met anyone with a history of liver cirrhosis. I want to inform you. Hopefully it’s of some use to you. Think about it because at 82 years old I just got liver cirrhosis… It’s not nice”.

Andres Garcia He is one of the most important actors and leading men on Mexican television. For years he admitted to having passion and delirium for all women and also for partying, alcoholic beverages and even drugs. He even admitted that he exchanged girlfriends with the famous singer Luis Miguel. Since his health began to worsen a few months ago, the deterioration has been rapid and progressive and she even stated: “I think I’m leaving soon”, because without a doubt he feels very weak and is very sick.

A few weeks ago he said that he would leave only one heir and that his daughter Andre had not spoken for more than 10 years. In the midst of this delicate health and how sick he looks, Lyn May also went out to say that the alleged Mexican actor has an unrecognized son, in addition to the clashes he has had for a long time with fellow actor Roberto Pozuelos. Although he says that he loves him and that it hurts him a lot to see him like this.

Despite his daughter Andrea Garcia in theory she had not seen him or at least until the closing of this note, she sent a powerful and annihilating message to her father while asking for prayers for him. Apparently, the estrangement had occurred because Andrea, as the actor explained, had accused him of abuse. At the time he himself said that his daughter did not even exist for him.

His wife Margarita has stayed by his side and has admitted that at times he himself gets depressed. But Andrés García himself has said that his wife has been a blessing in this process and she always appears giving him words of encouragement and signs of affection. Without a doubt, his fans are very distressed and saddened by everything that one of the greatest gallants of the Aztec country is experiencing.

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