Andrea Legarreta reacts to the 5-year sentence for Pablo Lyle and assures "he is a good human being"

Andrea Legarreta expressed her support for Pablo Lyle after receiving a sentence.

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The opinions around the sentence imposed on Pablo Lyle for the involuntary manslaughter of Juan Ricardo Hernández after a traffic incident in Miami, Florida, they continue to emerge inside and outside of social networks, even celebrities such as Sofía Castro, Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerboni have expressed their support for the actor, in addition to Maribel Guardia, who assured that this misfortune is a lesson for all

But the one who once again raised his voice in favor of the protagonist of the soap opera 'Mi Adorable Maldición' was Andrea Legarretawho in addition to recently revealing that he sent a video and a letter to the judge handling the case, turned to his Instagram account to share a message of support.

"I have known Pablo for many years and I can say that the fact that he made an impulsive decision does not make him a bad person... Pablo is undoubtedly a good human being, a good man, a worker, a good father, a good husband, sweet, funny, a good companion.… He is a human being as human and imperfect as most of us, who acted on impulse and would never have wanted such an outcome,” he wrote.

Likewise, he spoke out against the hate messages that have been generated to point out Lyle or the victim, a man of Cuban nationality who lost his life at the age of 63 as a result of the blow that the actor gave him.

He referred to them as "human beings without evilnor the intention of a fatal result, moved by anger and not by reason”, who made a bad decision on impulse, completely changing their lives and that of their families.

He also spoke about violent comments, aggressiveness, insults and lawsuits due to difference of thought that arise within social networks, which should not exist because they are also a way of generating unwanted results, for which he even asked to "work on our tolerance and empathy. use reason more“.

“Violence in networks has even caused young people to take their own lives and depression in others! We must observe ourselves and start working on ourselves and our children now," he added.

The words of the presenter of the 'Today' program ended with a message dedicated to the interpreter, wishing that the time remaining to serve his punishment would transform him into a great human being.

"Dear Pablo, I sincerely hope that time passes quickly... That the years that remain continue to be of human and spiritual growth as you have done since that fateful day and that the two families continue in peace and in the best way."

Andrea Legarreta

The text and photograph published on the night of this February 4th were applauded by other celebrities such as Maribel Guardia, Lorena Herrera, Itatí Cantoral, Rossana Nájera, Isabel Lascurain and Daniel Arenasbeing the latter who assured that he fully agrees, since humanity is going through a critical moment in which the limits of respect and freedom of expression are being lost.

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