André-Pierre Gignac will auction 105 footballs to help the children of Mexico

Gignac is one of the top stars in Liga MX.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo/Getty Images

The French of Andre Pierre Gignacforward of the Tigres UANL of Mexican soccer, he donated the 105 balls with which he made history as his team's top scorer to be auctioned for the benefit of five associations.

In a press conference, this Tuesday the player shared his decision to support minors through the “Gignac Foundation”.

Each one of the balls is intervened by a family that works the Huichol art and the bid for them will start at 15,000 pesos (about $750 dollars) and will reach 50,000 ($2,500 dollars).

On August 4, 2019, Gignac scored his 105th goal with which he became the top scorer for Tigres. The balls of their annotations will be auctioned with the support of the Casa Gimau, in an event that will take place on February 22.

According to Gignac, a World Cup player with France in South Africa 2010, the project represents the opportunity to leave a positive mark on society. "It seeks to help children who need it most by raising funds," he specified.

The beneficiary associations are Cardio Chavitos, Debra, Flashes of Light, Claypa and I can hear you now, that care for minors with different ailments.

Alejandro Vega, representative of the Gignac Foundation, explained that there are two possibilities that these balls end up in the hands of people who do not enter the auction, but enter a contest.

The dynamic one that is for the ball 12 is for the nomination of people who have promoted soccer in girls and boys within public schools or civil associationVega explained.

The ball 18 It will be for a fan who sends a video without editing and without music, mastering a ball and the person who lasts the longest will be the winner.

André Pierre confessed that what has sensitized him to carry out this altruistic work They are the children with whom you have interacted and know their needs.

I have seen the children, I have lived with them and I have taken very nice photos. It was love at first sight let's say“, he mentioned.

The striker confessed that he follows up on many cases and Keep in touch with the parents of the minors to find out their evolution.

The auction will be held on February 22 at 8:00 p.m. (02:00 GMT the following day), at the Safi Metropolitan hotel.

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