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Julian Quiñones 2023/11/11 | Excelsior
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• I want to make the best broadcasts and every time we go on air to leave
the best of me.

This weekend a new stage in my professional career began. I was presented on Televisa, which fills me with pride and satisfaction.

Reaching the largest Spanish-speaking media conglomerate is a challenge that I take on with great joy and a lot of respect.

From the first day the attention has been first class, the organization perfect and everyone wanting good vibes. From now on we will continue at TUDN with a very high responsibility for delivering great quality in each program or match.

I am immensely fortunate to have received this invitation. I want to make the best broadcasts and every time we go on air I want to give my best. It has been many years since I felt butterflies in my stomach and I have had it again these days.

And dream of Olympic Games, World Cups, Copa América and all the great events. I insist that I feel privileged for the opportunity. Make programs with Toño de Valdés, Enrique Burak, Enrique Bermudez, Francisco Javier González and all my new companions, causes me immense joy. And meet again David Faitelsonwith whom we worked for 25 years at TVAzteca.

I feel new to the school, but reassured by the way we have been received. And if the Mexican National Team plays badly, we will say so; and if we have to be anti-Americanist, we will continue to be, and if we have to criticize the dizziness of the Soccer Federation, they will be pointed out.

We can say whatever we want, there is no line at all. I never imagined working at Televisa, I confess. And now that I have the opportunity, I am sure that I was not wrong to accept the challenge. Let's go with everything.

I feel like the luckiest person with this invitation. I will give my best and everything I have managed to learn during 37 years of uninterrupted career. I'll give my best. And I thank each and every one of the characters who thought of me for this project.

I am happy and I will not stop thanking God for this opportunity. Since this weekend I am in Chapultepec 18.

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