Andalusian Sport | Francisco Gavio: “My goal is to be better tomorrow than today”


Andalusian Olympian Francisco Gavio explains at ESTADIO Deportivo what the next goals are that he will face in the future

The trajectory of Francisco Gavino (Sevilla, 25 years old) has been on the rise until reaching an unexpected qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. After the Olympic experience, the Sevillian rider has turned the page after the results obtained and the complications that his mare suffered before reaching the Japanese country.

Gaviño’s objectives are not only for this 2022, but he is setting the pace in each competition he disputes and in his day-to-day work. “The day to day is very important, the routine is essential for me. Repeating things is where the improvement is found”tells the equestrian.

This year the goal is the Equestrian World Championship in Rome, from which “seven places will come out for the team Olympic Games, although that is very complicated”, Francisco Gavino says. Although the Andalusian still feels the aftertaste of the Olympic village and already has Paris 2024 in mind. “It’s not just going, but helping the Spanish team to go to a team event,” says the rider.

There are three opportunities to qualify for the Olympic Games: the first is through the World Championship, something very complicated; the second is at the European Championships in France in 2023; and lastly, in the 2023 Nations Cup in which “a place is at stake and it could still be a good opportunity to get the team place for Spain, since perseverance and participation are rewarded,” he explains. Francisco Gavino.

As an incentive there is also the getting in shape of the horses, so as not to deal with any unexpected problems during a competition. Something that he had to worry about in the previous Games in Japan, knowing that his mare, Source de la Faye suffered an illness during the flight. “With the other horses, try to get them as fit as possible and manage to get to Paris with two horses, in case one of them has any last-minute unforeseen events,” warns the Andalusian.

the ambition of Francisco Gavino goes further and already has the spotlight also on Los Angeles 2028 and even Brisbane 2032. “Once you get to the Olympic Games you have the bug to repeat it again”, that is why these dates so marked in the future of Paco Gaviño, still thus always keeping our feet on the ground and in mind the organization and daily work.

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