And the bilateral relationship with the US?

Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

In the 4T government, the bilateral relationship with the United States is reduced to some claims from the Foreign Ministry, such as the lawsuit against the arms producers and recently the one made by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, to the US government about the presence of Russian agents. in national territory, as denounced by the head of the North Command of the North American army, General Glen Vanherck.

Gone is that intense bilateral relationship, gone are the high-level meetings between officials from the two countries to discuss issues such as violence on the borders, the migratory problem and, above all, the trade relationship, given that the United States is the partner most important business for our country.

And it is not the fault of Marcelo Ebrard, nor of Roberto Velasco, nor of the Mexican representative before the government of Joe Biden, Esteban Moctezuma, these are the orders that come out of the National Palace, where the president never tires of saying in his mornings that we have a good relationship, nothing more false.

The honeymoon ended with the US ambassador, Ken Salazar, who was seen in the National Palace as well as in the Chamber of Deputies or accompanying President López Obrador on his tours of the interior of the country. Salazar put aside public relations to defend the interests of US companies that participate in the Mexican electricity sector and that are threatened by the Mexican president’s electricity reform.

Definitely there is no foreign policy strategy, Mexico ceased to be a factor in the concert of Nations and against the United States, it is one more, while from the National Palace they play to challenge the government of Joe Biden, that if it has not taken more rigid actions against our country, it is due to the events that dominate the world agenda, such as: the pandemic and the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Where will we end up… as the philosopher from Michoacán, Marco Antonio “El Buki” Solís, says.


After the setback that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation dealt to the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, who despite this remains in office, the unit could well be better called the Attorney General’s Office for Impunity and Abuse , (FGIAA), Don’t you think so? Thanks to the fact that in Mexican politics, and much less in its laws, the word shame does not exist, Gertz Manero continues in office without any moral authority with all and the consequences that this brings to the fight against organized crime, so disorganized in this government… Senator Ricardo Monreal clarified that in the face of speculation about his state of health, that he is stable. He explained through his social networks that yesterday morning he had a slight discomfort in his throat and a headache, for which a quick test was carried out to rule out that it was the Covid-19 virus, however, due to medical recommendations. a PCR was carried out to be sure of the treatment…Look at the country in serious trouble and senators like Manuel Añorve Baños from Guerrero used the senatorial rostrum to demand the resignation of Gerardo “El Tata Martino” as coach of the Mexican soccer team . That’s why the opposition is going around, the way it is, that’s why nobody takes them into account.


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