And now… a Russian soldier in Guerrero

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Ruben Cortes.

A Russian soldier trains community police in Guerrero, where a senator from Morena had a private prison and forced kidnapped people to forced labor, as in Khmer Rouge Cambodia.

“I am Commander Nestora Salgado. In exchange for the freedom of her daughter, you have to give me five thousand pesos. When she gives them to me, I give her daughter, ”says the current senator in a recording (Files DGAP/136/3013 and TAB/FRZA/018/2013).

The senator was head of the community police of Olinalá, Guerrero. Under the argument that Olinalá belongs to the map of Uses and Customs of Indigenous Peoplesmade a prison and named it “El Paraíso”.

Coincidentally, Army documents exposed by Macaw Leaks indicate that the Russian soldier Bogdanov Rustam trains the community police of Guerrero, and that he has links with the drug trafficker.

In an email dated August 24, 2022, Sedena reports that the trained group is called Community Police of Tlacotepecfrom the municipality of General Heliodoro Castillo, directed by Salvador Alanis Trujillo.

The Mexican Army has identified a relationship between the head of that community police with the Sierra Cartelwhich controls that municipality, which is one of the areas with the highest production of poppy in the country.

From those community police, Nestora Salgado jumped to the plurinominal senatorship of Morena, with a true story that Epigmenio Ibarra should bring to the screens, in his popular television series.

At the same time that she was Commander Nestora, the current senator was a US citizen. She kidnapped 39 residents in her prison "El Paraíso" and forced them to do forced labor until they paid her.

Guarded by guards, they slept on the floor, defecated in plastic containers split in half; they carried stones from six in the morning to seven at night and ate three tablespoons of beans a day.

Appears in police records DGAP/136/3013 and TAB/FRZA/018/2013which includes the recording of the voice of the then citizen of the United States and paramilitary chief in Mexico:

“I am Commander Nestora Salgado. In exchange for her daughter's freedom, she has to give me the amount of five thousand pesos. When you give me that amount, I'll give you your daughter."

La Comandanta was released due to failures in due process: despite being an American, when detaining her the Mexican authorities broke the law by not notifying the US consulate of her arrest.

The Comandanta had the luck in the Peña government that she did not have in the current Rosario Robles, who spent three years in prison, even when the MP made her a false driver's license, and without having committed a crime.

Uses and customs of each one.

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