And children?

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Raul Flores Martinez.

In Mexico, they can be seen on the streets cleaning windshields or in public markets, how the Central de Abasto in Mexico City works, putting aside their studies to get to work.

We have always mentioned it, this administration of "First the Poor", does not take children into account, proof of this is the lack of public policies to favor them, giving them a few pesos, is not taking them into account.

In the world, one in 10 girls and boys is in child labor according to the estimates of the International Labor Organization. In Mexico, this figure reaches 3.3 million girls and boys, according to the 2019 National Child Labor Survey.

Since the year 2000, for nearly two decades, the world has made steady progress in preventing this phenomenon. But in recent years, conflict, crises and the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed more families into poverty – forcing millions of girls and boys to resort to child labour.

This has severe consequences, since child labor compromises the attendance of girls and boys at school, as well as their performance. In the worst cases, it forces them to abandon their studies entirely.

And in a world of work where there is an ever-increasing demand for more and better-qualified labor, early work ends up reducing the opportunity for girls and boys to have a career path with decent work in the future.

It is a fact that we must be aware that tolerating child labor does not end poverty and exclusion, on the contrary, it increases the chances that children who find themselves in this situation will not get a decent income and stable employment. when they are adults.

Something that the Fourth Transformation has not understood is that instead of giving away money, public policies, programs and actions must be undertaken that become tools to prevent and eliminate child labor; and that all of them offer girls, boys or adolescents an opportunity to fully live their childhood and adolescence.

The work carried out by non-governmental organizations in order to prevent child labor and forced labor in Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Yucatán with the collaboration of federal, state and municipal authorities, employers' and workers' organizations, as well as as with the contribution of the Department of Labor of the United States.

This has three main objectives: to generate greater use of data for the development of laws, policies, and programs to prevent and combat child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking in Mexico; increase the development and implementation of laws, policies and programs on the matter; and improve regional cooperation to prevent and eliminate these phenomena in the migratory context on the southern border of Mexico.

In addition, it will collaborate with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize for the protection of migrant children at risk of child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking, and to promote greater exchange of data on these phenomena.

This is an initiative at the international level, because in Mexico, children are not taken into account, because the Fourth Transformation, they do not care about the sector of minors, for something simple, they do not vote.

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