Ana Patricia Gámez posed with Jomari Goyso in a sensual dress with a dangerous opening

Ana Patricia Gamez. Photo: Univision

Photo: Ana Patricia Gámez / Univision

What a stir the presenter of 'Falling in love USA' caused, Ana Patricia Gamezafter looking stunning in a little outfit that showed off her curves while sharing the screen with the fashion expert jomari goyso.

From her official Instagram account, the television host proudly shared some images of the special participation of the fashion expert, who currently replaces her co-host, Rafael Araneda.

“Without Filter & Without Surrounded ❤️ today @EnamorandonosUsa with @JomariGoyso while our RAFA continues to recover 🥰”wrote Ana Patricia Gámez to accompany the publication that lets them see very smiling while posing dressed in impressive looks, worthy of the catwalk.

For his part, Jomari Goyso opted for an elegant look made up of a classic striped suit, white shirt and brown loafers, while the presenter looked very chic in an asymmetrical black dress.

The outfit unleashed sighs among its digital community, as it not only revealed its shapely legs thanks to the dangerous opening in the lower left part, it also had a flirty neckline that complemented its complexion.

Red lips, a subtle outline and her long black hair resting on her shoulders were the perfect complement for Ana Patricia Gámez and her look, making her the target of compliments from her fans.

In addition to the comments regarding her outfits, the public was full of praise for the chemistry she shared with Jomari Goyso during the 'Falling in love' program: "I loved how Jomari hosted the program, I had a lot of fun" and "How nice I I like Jomari's participation”, are the messages that are read on the network.

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