Ana Brenda Contreras explains why she removed her implants

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The actress Ana Brenda Contreras She is very close to her followers and that has made her keep them up to date with her life, from the moments of happiness to the most complicatedlike the one you just experienced recently and that was related to your health.

This is how the 36-year-old actress published a photo in your account instagram in which he explained the procedure to which he underwent and which is close to two weeks since it was carried out, since at the time, he decided to do it for fashion without thinking about the consequences what it would have on your health in the future.

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Ana Brenda Contreras removes her implants for health reasons

With a photograph of the actress lying down on a bed of hospitalthe actress who gave life to Aurora in "Teresa" spoke about the decision to remove the implants after having them has caused effects in your health.

Just two weeks away from choosing what for me is health. After years of postponing it due to the pandemic, working and not feeling well (especially since I had exercise discipline, the body is wise), I finally had the implants removed.
Years ago it was “fashionable” to do it and taboo to talk about it."

According to what the actress said, one of her friends shared her process with her and that was what helped him make the decision and stressed the importance of listening to the body, as well as going to the doctor on a regular basis to make sure everything is in order.

"I continue in my recovery process surrounded by a lot of love from friends, family and colleagues, resuming my functions, very cared for and above all light and healthy."

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Why did Ana Brenda get implants?

Through an explanatory video in TikTokthe actress gave more details about the explantation of her implants and mentioned that having them was already causing her quite a bit of problems in your healthsuch as tiredness and pain, especially when exercising, in addition to being diagnosed hypothyroidismirritable bowel syndrome.

That's how after 15 years he decided to make the important decision: "I got prosthetics at a time when it was fashionableit was something normal (...) I didn't do it to please anyone"More than just myself, I also took them off to feel better."

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It is true that one does things at a certain age without conscience without knowledge until you listen to yourself and listen to your body."


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