Ana Bárbara: that's how radiant the singer looked when she was crowned Miss Mexico in 1989

Thanks to her talent and charisma, the Mexican regional singer Ana Barbara has conquered some of the biggest stages in the world. However, this last quality has also earned him other titles that have nothing to do with music; in fact, they are related to the world of beauty.

For many it is a surprise that the so-called "Queen Grupera" appeared in several beauty contests, being "Miss Mexico" one of the most recognized. And it is that The native of San Luis Potosí was crowned as the champion of said contest.

It all happened in 1989, when Ana Bárbara, whose real name is Altagracia Ugalde Mota, was only 18 years old and had a suitcase full of dreams that were palpable in said contest.

Through YouTube, an audiovisual has been broadcast in which the interpreter of "Bandido", "Lo Busqué" and "Qué poco" can be seen parading with a smile from ear to ear while proudly wearing a suit inspired by his native San Luis Potosí.

In addition, during her interview with the host Raúl Velasco, she shared that she wanted to become a complete and, of course, successful actress and singer, and boy did she succeed! Well She is currently one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music.

It would have been her great charisma and ability to seduce the camera that led her to obtain the title of 'Miss Mexico' in 1989. However, that was not the only title she obtained, since in 1993 Ana Bárbara became the "Face of the Herald of Mexico".

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