Aná Bárbara advances an unpublished song with Vicente Fernández, that's how it sounds! | VIDEO

Ana Barbara He has a big surprise for the world of music and the Fernández Dynasty. Well, this time the famous Mexican singer revealed "La Jugada", the unpublished song that she recorded with the late Vicente Fernandez before his death, and which will premiere next week. But she already gave a preview of what awaits us.

The "reina grupera" uploaded the cover of the project and He commented that next February 17 will be the day that everyone will know the song that Vicente Fernández recorded before his death (December 12, 2021).the star assured that with this project he fulfills one of his great desires and that he is very happy to share it with all the people who follow his career.

“I am deeply excited to show you La Jugada this new single that is about to come out and that I had the honor of singing along with the great Vicente Fernández. A dream come true La Jugada, always Thank you! 02/17/2023”, Ana Bárbara wrote from her Instagram account.

Another of the details that is known about "La jugada" is that it is a mariachi theme, so, as a clue, the native mentioned: “The mariachi never dies” and “we are eternal”, two references about the interpreter of “El rey”, “Acá entre nos” and “El último beso”but still no one discovered what he had in hand.

It should be noted that it was last December when the first death anniversary of the Jalisco was commemorated, since November a large altar was held at his ranch "Los Tres Potrillos" in honor of the star, in addition there was a great party at the that some of the successes of the great Vicente Fernández were remembered.

Ana Bárbara did not want to be left behind and made it clear that, even if it is not a special date, it is always good to resume the talent of one of the men who most elevated popular Mexican music.In addition, the grupera has said she is a faithful admirer of all the legacy she made in life, for this and other things she decided to remember Vicente.

It will be on March 4 when the interpreter of "Lo busqué", "Bandido" and "Loca" will go up on the stage of the National Auditorium to sing to all the people who will meet at 8:00 p.m. to see and listen to The famous one, in addition to the successful singles that she has developed throughout her career, fans hope to sing "La jugada" which will be one of her recent singles.

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