An unmissable show at the Lissner VOLVER (“El Retorno”) by TANGO LOVERS

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Tango lovers are delighted with the announcement of the presentation of the show by the multiple times awarded compagirl TANGO LOVERS a gem of a show .

The big date for fans of this genre will be next Sunday, October 8, starting at 6:00 p.m. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. at the Lissner Auditorium in Washington DC.

The sensational tango musical VOVER by TANGO LOVERS returns to the US stage this fall.

This time presenting the most recognized and awarded tango singer of all time, Mr. GUILLERMO FERNANDEZ. The extraordinary cast and orchestra directed by the Grammy and Latin Grammy winner, LAUTARO GRECO, make VOLVER by TANGO LOVERS a unique show that brings together the highest talent from the Rio de la Plata.

Awarded multiple times as Best Show and Best Production of the year, TANGO LOVERS COMPANY made its comeback with VOLVER, the show that is captivating audiences around the world.

This year, starting on October 6, the company will be presenting in Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Miami, San Francisco and also in cities where it has not been before such as Baltimore, Kiawah in South Carolina, Dallas, San Luis Obispo , Santa Barbara and also Orlando that has not yet experienced this new production.

BACK by TANGO LOVERS It is the story of Tango dancers, musicians, singers who travel the world together with the TANGO genre and their return to their place of origin to tell and transmit with their art, endless stories, through different characters who take center stage during the show.

VOLVER, an iconic tango from the vast repertoire of Carlos Gardel is a significant title for many reasons.

The show pays tribute to those places and people who marked the company's history and its return to the stage after difficult moments for humanity.

BACK by TANGO LOVERS is a musical created by the Uruguayan singer and producer ALFREDO LERIDA who gave a distinctive imprint to the genre, opening up to all generations and cultures.

VOLVER is staged by a live orchestra, dancers and singers from Argentina and Uruguay that will make the public live the passion and sensuality of tango in an unforgettable experience.

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