An opportunity

Fernando Moctezuma Ojeda.

The so-called “Fourth Transformation of public life in Mexico” is crumbling from within, and the National Palace knows this very well. The Scherer-Gertz-Sánchez Cordero disagreement makes it clear that the house has problems, and that is not surprising.

In addition to this, within Morena a relentless war has also broken out where they begin to fight for the succession, and this already transcends beyond President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Some are even beginning to ignore it, as part of the past that is left behind.

What is surprising, and even disappointing, is that the opposition does not capitalize on this internal division. In other times, the opposition bloc would already have a figure to champion the 2024 proposal, there would already be a name, face, strategy and even proposals.

Today we see a PRI divided between those who support “Alito” Moreno, and those who do not. A PAN that knows it has been defeated before the starting gun is sounded, and a dying PRD, which demands the solutions that they should present. Not to mention MC, with caricature candidacies, and others emanating from Morena, as in Quintana Roo.

In a few years, the grandchildren of their grandchildren will open the history books – or whatever has replaced the books at that time – and discover that at some point power was concentrated in what we know today as parties and they will realize the lousy system that this represents.

Meanwhile, today we have six elections at the door, which Morena will surely win, not because of their excellent proposals, but because of the brand they bring with them, and above all, because of the terrible management of the opposition parties, and the way they sell themselves of priism.

The opposition is letting the train of opportunities pass, and without a clear ideology, let alone firm proposals, they leave the way clear for Morena and her allies so that they can destroy whatever they want.

Gabriel García Márquez said that “Life is nothing but a continuous succession of opportunities to survive.” Me: #JustSayWhatISee.



JASMINE: In Iztapalapa, inside Voca 7 of the IPN, a 15-year-old minor named Jazmín was drugged and raped by an adult and at least two companions. Despite the fact that IMSS specialists found signs of sexual violence, and witnesses assure that she pointed to her attackers, the minor decided not to press charges or receive psychological support. What is surprising about this case is that she does not prosecute herself ex officio, when there is convincing evidence of the assault. -Not to mention the sad role of the IPN in ensuring that the crime did not exist-. //REVOCATION: Despite the fact that the INE ordered the removal of several billboards, billboards, screens and other propaganda material about the Revocation of the Mandate from public space, the main cities of the country continue to be upholstered with the face of the president, paid with money from who knows where, so pretext of being “support of the people”. It has to be the same as the contributions to the movement, right? //BANXICO: In the style of Lucerito, the secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, responded “And?”, acknowledging that he had given information to the president about the decisions of the central bank’s Governing Board. “To hell with its Institutions”, the classic would say.


PS: It is already the kingdom of cynicism


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