AN of Venezuela ratifies the second partial agreement signed in Mexico | News

The deputies of the National Assembly of Venezuela (AN) unanimously supported and ratified this Thursday the Project of the Second Partial Agreement for the social protection of the people, signed on November 26 in Mexico between the government delegations and the oppositions of the country.


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“Deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra presents the Draft Agreement in support and ratification to approve in each of its parts the Second Partial Agreement for the social protection of the people, signed between the Government of Venezuela and the Unitary Platform,” the entity said through from your account on the social network Twitter.

During his speech, the parliamentarian stressed that “dialogue is a victory for President Nicolás Maduro. We are going to continue fighting so that they stop attacking our people and continue consolidating their rights.”

Deputy Maduro Guerra, who is a member of the dialogue delegation, reiterated that “we have reached a great agreement and now we are going for more. We must be guarantors that the resources reach the people.”

For her part, Deputy Genesis Garvett appreciated that the paths of peace and dialogue have been resumed. “If the signing of this agreement is a victory for someone, it is for the people of Venezuela,” she emphasized.

The parliamentarian noted that thanks to the signing of this second partial agreement, 2,300 schools can be restored, new equipment supplied to 21 hospitals, medicine given to 60,000 cancer patients, and electricity supply increased, according to a press release from the AN.

In addition, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, expressed his pride in the scope of the signed agreement and highlighted the participation of the young deputies Maduro Guerra and Garvett, who were present at the dialogue table in defense of the rights of Venezuelans.

The day before, the Venezuelan president held a press conference in which he celebrated the signing of the Second Partial Agreement between the national government and a sector of the country’s extremist opposition, reiterating that it was “intensively worked on, with important components in the social and the recovery of more than $3 billion seized in the US and in Europe”.

The Executive reaffirmed that with these resources it is expected to meet various social needs of the population, such as financing projects for electricity, water, education, health, and mitigation of damage caused by recent rains.