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Recently, Mexico has become a leader in the field of health tourism, constantly seeking the health and well-being of patients, both national and foreign.

The growing needs of society, where stress and lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise, have generated a search for new alternatives.

This is where healing architecture emerges, which is based on the idea that the built environment can positively impact people's physical, mental and emotional health, and Grupo Althea has stood out for its pioneering projects in this field.

One of these projects is Parque Althea, a complex located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, which will serve as a Medical city and whose objective is to humanize medicine, with bioclimatic and healing architecture. In other words, it is a place that exalts the benefits of the climate of the “city of eternal spring” and will be found within a tropical forest landscape area.

It should be noted that Parque Althea was created after carrying out different market studies that, as a result, revealed the need in the entity and other surrounding areas to have excellent medical care.

In this regard, Javier Sánchez, Founding Partner and Director of the JSa Mexican Architecture Workshop, spoke about the benefits of building a project of this type in Cuernavaca,

“The details have to do with highlighting the climate of Cuernavaca, which is wonderful, to make it live inside the building, using materials that make it feel like the building is handmade and not prefabricated, putting the garden into the healing experience, We have taken care that all the rooms have natural light, the degree of privacy they need, trying to ensure that contact with light allows us to distinguish night and day.”

How does healing architecture contribute to people's health?

One of the most important features of healing architecture is natural light. This element has an important impact on patients that is reflected in the reduction of pain, improves sleep, circadian rhythm, improves biological processes, reduces hospital stay days, reduces stress, depression and improves orientation.

Having adequate lighting helps staff effectiveness and reduces medical errors.

Being in contact and feeling identified with nature (biophilia hypothesis) concludes that sight and contact with nature provides pain relief and reduces post-surgical recovery.

Likewise, the restoration theory concludes that the relationship between the view of green areas and the improvement in health establishes a stress recovery mechanism of three types: Affective, physiological and cognitive recovery.

In itself, healing architecture in Mexico not only transforms urban landscapes, but also the lives of the people who live in them.

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