An FIL without Padilla López 2023/10/09

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  • The governor of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar, a red-blooded Morenista, showing her contempt for culture, decided to privatize the cultural radio station XHTLAX.

A FIL without Padilla López

Without support from the federal government, the Guadalajara International Book Fair will be held from November 25 to December 3, with the presence of more than 650 writers. The European Union will be the guest of honor and the ambassador of that entity allowed itself to invite Ukraine, which may be represented by the leader of a neo-Nazi gang from that country. The University of Guadalajara will release a book of tribute to the deceased Raul Padilla, who led the FIL to be the second in the world and the most important in the Spanish language. The rector of the University of Guadalajara, Ricardo Villanueva Lomelíreported that the president was invited Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the governor of Guadalajara Enrique Alfaroas well as the presidential candidates Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvezwho apparently have not confirmed their attendance.

A very efficient director

After the disappearance of Raul Padilla In April, he was in charge of the FIL Marisol Schulz, graduated in history from UNAM, where she worked in various editorial tasks as well as at CIESAS. She was deputy director of Reading Promotion at INBA and has directed Plaza & Janés México, Grupo Santillana and for seven years she directed the Taurus and Alfaguara labels. She hosted the program on TV Sunday 7collaborated in the newscast Monitorof José Gutiérrez Livedand in Facts, from TV Azteca. In 2010 she was called by the University of Guadalajara to found and direct the Spanish Book Fair of Los Angeles, California, and since 2013 she has been general director of the FIL of Guadalajara, for which she now has the greatest responsibility. . Magazine Forbes He included her in the list of the 50 most powerful women in Mexico, although her projection is international. In short, she is an example of improvement for the female gender and a source of pride for all Mexicans.

The cultured gober from Tlaxcala

The governor of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuellara morenista with a red bone, or rather cherry, but in the end bone and very well paid, displaying his contempt for culture, which in this six-year term is considered a thing of fifis, decided to privatize the cultural radio station XHTLAX. The president, a PRI member until 2012, affirms that it is nothing more than a sublease, although some descendants of Xicohtencatl They believe that the matter gives off a strong whiff of corruption, with the complacency—or is it complicity?—of the Federal Telecommunications Institute, which led the Network of Educational and Cultural Radio and Television Stations of Mexico to express its deep concern about the measure which it considers “counterproductive for the interests of the audience and the quality and strengthening of public media,” while the Public Broadcasting System regretted that the station is placed in the hands of a commercial company that is—says SPR—“the furthest from of collective interest.” And this is how the dark-skinned people hope to sweep the elections...?

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11, at 7 p.m., the group Ya Son Más will offer a concert in the auditorium of the Bella Época Cutural Center (Tamaulipas and Benjamín Hill, Condesa neighborhood) in tribute to Django Reinhardtwho died 70 years ago, and his legacy to gypsy jazz, in French jazz manouche and in English gypsy swing. Recognized as a great composer, in his youth he was the victim of a fire that disabled the ring finger and little finger of his left hand, which, far from deterring him, stimulated him to use his remaining fingers more and better with admirable results. The group Ya Son Más, previously known as Ya Son Cuatro and later as Ya Son Tres, is made up of the painter Alberto Bellon (guitar), Julio Romero (low) and Pablo Delgado (clarinet and saxophone), this time accompanied by Alejandro Martínez Gil (guitar), Jose Luis Lopez (piano) and Francisco Ramirez (flute). Admission will be free.

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