An emotional send-off in Memphis for Tire Nichols and more | Headlines of the world 02/02/2023

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This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Thursday, February 2, 2023:

At Nichols' funeral, grief and outrage fuel a sense of mission

New demands for justice and an end to police violence

An emotional farewell in Memphis for Tire Nichols

Calls for justice and change echo at the funeral

ERC and PSC break a decade of political blocs in Catalonia

(Republican Left of Catalonia / Party of the Socialists of Catalonia)

Agreement for the budgets of the GENERALITAT

The Guardian / UK

Watchdog examines £220,000 bill for Johnson's Partygate legal advice

Exclusive: Critics question whether taxpayer spending is a fair use of public money

“Enough of the Judicial Mafia”

Social, union, political and human rights organizations gathered in front of the Palace of Courts to demand the democratization of Justice and not support the impeachment of the Supreme Court. "They were co-opted by the powerful of this country", defined the speakers while the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo present demanded the resignation of the courtiers

President Boric intervenes in the debate on lists for the election of councilors and the Socialist Party delays its definition

Determination of the PS could reconfigure the alliances within the ruling party

Congress once again slows down elections

Government presented project for elections to be held in October

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