An Arizona businessman disappears after crossing the border into Sonora

Pesqueira MartĂ­nez emigrated from Mexico due to insecurity and decided to settle in Arizona.

Photo: Searchers for Peace Sonora / Courtesy

The disappearance of people on the northern border of Mexico is an alarming situation that is increasing, where more and more victims of other nationalities are being registered, mainly from the United States.

One more case was recently made public and it occurred in the state of Sonora, where on May 22 the businessman disappeared. Arcadio Pesqueira Martinez33 years old, who would have made a trip from Arizona to the city of Caborca ​​aboard his truck.

According to the Buscadoras por la Paz de Sonora collective, the man of American nationality emigrated from Mexico due to insecurity and decided to settle in Arizona.

However, frequently crossed the border to collect rent for his business premises and see other businesses, so his last trip was one of many he made, according to what Cecilia Delgado Grijalba, founder of the collective, revealed to Univision News.

But this time Pesqueira Martínez had to make a short trip because he had a commitment in Tucson, so he took a shortcut using the Átil-Tubutama highway. “To save time, he went that way and, unfortunately, was never heard from again.. Several have disappeared on that journey," lamented Grijalba.

“I wish the FBI would come in, because that's what we need. Because here there is no investigation, there is nothing. It remains in a complaint and that is not valid”, said the founder of Buscadoras por la Paz de Sonora.

The victim was traveling in a black Jeep Gladiator pick-up truck, model 2022 and Arizona license plates. His relatives denounced what happened to the authorities of both countries and they think organized crime is behind all this.

One of the relatives who lives in Mexico was consulted on condition of anonymity by Uniradio Informa, and mentioned that the complaint had already been filed with the State Attorney General's Office (FGJE).

In addition, he commented that a search is planned by the Buscadoras por la Paz Collective in that region to try to locate Arcadio, whom his wife is waiting for in the United States.

For the moment, he pointed out that the family has not wanted to make public statements since they have been victims of extortion by people who call to ask for money in exchange for giving false information about your loved one.

"Of those who see the news, see the number and know that people are desperate, they begin to intimidate to see if one will release money out of desperation," he declared.

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