An 18 year old treasure

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Pedro Diaz

Just saying Macallan and eighteen years old would be enough to seduce us, but if we see that it is the first old Double Cask, the admiration grows. He has united the two worlds by maturing in European and American oak barrels, but the subtle and elegant touch is also offered by sherry wine, since the barrels have been cured with this noble liquid.

Double Cask is a tribute to the union of two worlds, that of American and European oak, both are cured in Oloroso sherry that allows us to see the importance that Macallan gives to wood within the process of creating excellence in whiskey. The result is a complexity of flavor where time finishes varnishing at the distillery in Speyside, Scotland. And where 18 years later the aromas are harmonized and create a liquid where the amber honey color stands out, which undoubtedly already speaks to us of a first-class Scotch whiskey to which are added very evocative, soft, velvety aromas with notes of ginger, toffee , some orange, cloves and nutmeg, with the presence of dried fruits.

Juan Barbato, National Brand Ambassador in Mexico for The Macallan, shares with us some recommendations that we should take into account when enjoying a good whiskey. Since a single malt, in itself, is a symbol of sophistication. An experience that is enjoyed from the design of the bottle. The recommended glass is the famous Glencairn Glass, a good option, thanks to the gently fluted tulip shape allowing the glass to contain the delicate aromas. Another option is the Tumbler Glass, the iconic whiskey glass with a capacity of between 4 and 10 fluid ounces, the slightly tapered bottom is weighted with thick glass to ensure a stable drink.

And finally, a suitable space to fully enjoy a whiskey like The Macallan. A quiet and cozy place can be the perfect destination to taste your whiskey. Lighting and temperature between 16o and 22o are important factors. Soft lights can accentuate the gold and amber tones of the whiskey and make the environment more relaxing. And of course, always in the best company.


Color: Honey Amber
Aroma: Nuts, ginger and toffee. Rich in citrus where orange predominates with a touch of clove and nutmeg.
Palate: Raisins and grapes predominate with notes of caramel, vanilla and ginger balanced between wood and citrus.
Finish: Oak with ginger evolved to
sweet orange.

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