Among schools taken, UNAM begins last customs

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With five UNAM schools taken over, which together have a community of just over 70 thousand university students, today the round of interviews begins with the ten candidates to direct the highest university.

During this week, the Governing Board will receive each of the rectors to ask them questions about their work plan and their proposals for the University. Enrique Graue's successor should be named in mid-November.

The hearings will open today at 10:00 a.m. with Laura Acosta, director of the ENES, León. The Board will give applicants 15 minutes of initial presentation and then begin with specific questions, in sessions that can last more than three hours.

This same day, at 4:00 p.m., it will be the turn of Sergio Alcocer, researcher at the Engineering Institute.

Luis Álvarez Icaza, administrative secretary, will attend early tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon Raúl Contreras, director of the Faculty of Law, will attend. On Wednesday there will be no interview in the morning and it will be at 4:00 p.m. when the Board will receive Patricia Dávila, Secretary of Institutional Development.

Germán Fajardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine, and William Lee, coordinator of Scientific Research, will have their turn on Thursday. On Friday at 10:00 Leonardo Lomelí, general secretary, will appear, and it will not be until the following Monday when the round concludes, with the interview in the morning with Imanol Ordorika, general director of Institutional Evaluation. Guadalupe Valencia, Humanities coordinator, will follow.

After concluding the interviews, the Board will continue to receive written opinions from the community, until November 3, and after deliberating a few days, it will name the new rector.

Except for Guadalupe Valencia, all applicants in this process know the process of going through the Governing Board's customs because they have been or are directors of schools, faculties or institutes. Two of them have already appeared in their attempt to be rectors: Alcocer and Lomelí did so eight years ago.

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William Lee was interviewed when he was appointed director of the Institute of Astronomy; Ordorika when he sought to be director of the Economic Research Institute; Dávila when she was appointed director of the FES Iztacala and Álvarez Icaza when she became director of the Engineering Institute.

Contreras and Fajardo, current directors of Law and Medicine, as well as Acosta, from ENES León, have also attended.

However, although two months after it began, the succession process has been carried out in relative calm, last Friday the UNAM accused attempts at interference after the violent takeover of the CCH Azcapotzalco, in what it defined as a “commando” type invasion. . Two teachers were hospitalized for second-degree burns after a group of hooded men vandalized and set fire to the campus administration building.

Together with the CCH Azcapotzalco, made up of a community of 12 thousand people, the Faculty of Economics, with 22 thousand university students, has been closed since September 25, as is the Faculty of Accounting, with nine thousand Unamites.

Before, on September 20, the National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation was taken over, which has around 500 students.

Meanwhile, the FES Acatlán, with a community of 30 thousand people, has been taken over since October 10 and the FES Cuautitlán, made up of 19 thousand students, teachers and administrators, has been closed since the beginning of this month.

The demands of the groups that maintain the strikes range from fumigation due to the issue of bedbugs, demands for safe transportation, updating of study plans and specific problems of each faculty.

In this climate, UNAM today enters another stage of the process to name who will lead the institution for the next four years.

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