AMLO’s warning and the Court ruling

Francisco Garfias.

President López Obrador’s morning warning to the seven members of the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF, in the sense that “it will go badly for those who act unfairly”, gives us the right to suspect that it affected the unanimity of the magistrates that validated the triumph of the morenista, Américo Villarreal, in the governor’s election in Tamaulipas.

The president reproached the magistrates for their delay in resolving the challenge of the PAN.

The blues accuse the guindas and their hindrances of serious irregularities committed on election day -and before-, which warrant the annulment of the elections.

Américo Villarreal officially defeated PAN member César Verástegui by just over six percent of the votes.

The magistrates dismissed, due to insufficient evidence, the indications of an intervention by organized crime in favor of Villarreal, in a context of generalized violence.

“There is no demonstrative element that can suppose that there were contributions in kind, and less economic, to said campaign,” said the rapporteur magistrate, Joseé Luís Vargas.

And magistrate Janine Otalora: “the PAN seeks the annulment of the election, based on the hypothesis of possible links between organized crime and the candidate and the party that were elected, but it does not provide sufficient elements to annul the election,”Felipe Fuentes Barrera agreed with his peers and declared himself in favor of confirming the validity and delivery of the majority record to the brunette. He spoke of an “alleged” widespread violence and the “alleged” involvement of organized crime in the election.

The PAN maintains that the huachicol financed Américo’s campaign and that the so-called servants of the Nation favored the icing flag bearer.

Nor did they find sufficient elements to determine that there were irregular gifts that affected the result.

The magistrates took their time with the issue of the attendance of Marcelo Ebrard and Claudia Sheinbaum, at the closing of the Morena candidate’s campaign.

The only proven irregularity is the intervention of the municipal president of Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas, who openly proselytized in favor of Américo.

But it does not allow us to infer that it affected the margin of more than 6 percent with which Villarreal won the election.

In short, “there is no evidence that could result in the nullity of the election for the governorship of the State of Tamaulipas,” said the presiding magistrate of the TEPJF, Reyes Rodríguez.

Last night we looked for Julen Rementeria, coordinator of the PAN senators, to ask him, what’s next?

– Well, there is no way. It’s sad,” she replied.


The subject was addressed in the morning. López Obrador took advantage of a question about the future of the outgoing governor of Tamaulipas, the PAN member Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, to make a “call” to the magistrates to resolve the Tamaulipas election.

“I am waiting for the court to decide. They have been late and that generates more speculation and more confrontation; defamation and dirty war.

“Without a doubt, there are pressures, but I make a reflection: if an injustice is committed, nothing is going to be resolved; On the contrary, things will get worse and it will go badly for those who act unfairly. It’s not the old days

“Hopefully and serve this call. Crimes cannot be fabricated,” she pointed out.


Tamaulipas occupied two and a half hours of debate in the Senate. That is more or less the time that the secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, had to wait on the premises to begin his appearance for the gloss of the IV Report.

The spirits flared because Américo Villarreal presented, after one in the afternoon, a second license, after having withdrawn the first, in which he alleged that he was being politically persecuted by Governor García Cabeza de Vaca.

The PAN argued that the license disqualified him from being governor. I bring up the Tamaulipas Constitution that orders candidates to withdraw from office 120 days before the election.

Senator Ricardo Monreal took the podium to state that the order only applies until the day of the election and not in the period between election day and the swearing-in.

“Once he is elected governor, he can return, it is even constitutional for him to rejoin and request a license tomorrow or a day before taking protest, because the Constitution does not prevent him,” said the coordinator of the icing caucus.

referred to cases in which deputies and deputies who are elected as mayors of their municipalities, return to their legislative functions while they take office in their new position.


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