AMLO's Morning, today September 21 | “The mistrust towards the Army in the Ayotzinapa case has no foundations”: AMLO

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Mexico is one of the countries in the world with less unemploymenthas a growing economy thanks to the strategy applied in economic policy, AMLO highlighted.

"In the world as The problem of immigration, violence, and drug addiction can be faced if we do not address the causes”, he claimed.

“Mexico can offer migrants protection and employmentbut we can't solve everything."

Migrants travel on a train with the intention of reaching the United States, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, September 20, 2023. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

On the immigration issue Mexico will continue insisting that address the causes To avoid this, we will receive, accompany and take care of them so that there is no rape to their human rights, not kidnap and fighting the human traffickerslooking for mechanisms so that they can legally access the United States, is what we are doing, said the Executive.

One must seek to convince that do not go north because there are many risks along the way, he denied that they will be carried out operational to retain them.

There is no rebellion within the Army

President denied that there are rebellions Within the Army, there have been discipline and loyaltythat is why I am intervening in the case in my capacity as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, so as not to prosper or take advantage of the suffering of the fathers and mothers of the disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

There is three moments that are being investigated in the Ayotzinapa case: What happened On the night of September 26 -2014-, the fabrication of crimes and who participated, and find the youngindicated the president.

The report that was delivered yesterday to the parents of the missing normal students they can make it publiche pointed.

The distrust of the army It has no foundations, the military authorities have risen to the occasion, with righteousness and loyalty to the people, he highlighted.

Official letter from the Ayotzinapa case

President López Obrador gave reading to a letter that he sent to General Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, head of SEDENA, included in the first report from the Ayotzinapa case:

Through this channel I instruct you to proceed immediately in accordance with the internal regulations of the Armed Forces, because the report of the commission for truth and access to justice in the Ayotzinapa case, indicates among others as alleged responsible for the disappearance of young people from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, to the then Colonel José Rodríguez Pérez, commander of the 27th Infantry Battalion, located in Iguala, Guerrero, as well as to Captain José Martínez Crespo, to the Infantry Lieutenant, Francisco Macías Barbosa, to the Infantry Second Lieutenant Fabián Alejandro Pineda. Ochoa and soldier Eduardo Mota Esquivel.

I attach, general, the first version of said report which will be presented to the General Prosecutor of the Republic to initiate the corresponding judicial process.

For our part, as you know, General, applying the law against these members of the Army without allowing impunity is not only a sublime act of justice but also the opportunity to reaffirm that the Mexican Armed Forces "They should not be stained by anyone's criminal attitude and, under no circumstances, lose their respectability and their commitment to righteousness and loyalty to the people, because it is a fundamental institution of the social, democratic and legal State that must prevail in our country." .

Office Ayotzinapa AMLO
Office Ayotzinapa AMLO

AMLO reported that on Monday will be delivered to each father or mother a file of everything you have.

It is not proven that the army carried out a parallel investigation, it is a hypothesis. We are not equal, before State was the main rapist of human rights, before they were very comfortable analyzing misfortune and reality, but they did not seek to transform reality, he explained.

At yesterday's meeting with the parents of those missing from Ayotzinapa, AMLO explained that on Monday they will hold another meeting, he will not be there, to provide them with all the information from the Ministry of Defense. Parents insist that information is missingwe are collecting what is missing so as not to continue deepening differences.

“The last thing we want is for there to be disinformation"There are those who have chosen that," he assured.

There has been a delay in knowing the whereabouts of the young people and that complicated the case and has damaged institutions, he insisted.

“You have to solve this case definitely"It is an issue that our adversaries use to harm us," he expressed.

“We are looking for what level of responsibility of the armythat is sought in the investigation.”

Parents of the disappeared from Ayotzinapa. REUTERS/Henry Romero
Parents of the disappeared from Ayotzinapa. REUTERS/Henry Romero

He Cuchillo II aqueduct will ensure 6 to 10 years of water supply, However, new sources of supply must be sought. Samuel Garcia He has behaved very well, although he is being mistreated, the president said.

Details of the tour through the State of Mexico

I will agree with Delfina Gómez, I will go on a tour with her, I will do e-work.valuation and supervision of wellness programs.

Also to the trolleybus review that will go from Santa Martha, Chalco and Ixtapaluca that will solve the transportation problem in that area.

I will also verify the works of rehabilitation of Lake Texcoco, also I will evaluate the works of the train that goes from Lechería to AIFA, the Executive announced.

“I am glad that the back to school in Tamaulipas”said López Obrador. He thanked the praises educational authorities of the entity, as well as the governor Américo Villarreal, having managed to overcome this educational problem.

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