AMLO's fury and Fox's threat 2023/10/31

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The President is furious with the media. He reflects more annoyance at the criticism that has been made of the official handling of the Acapulco disaster than regret for the victims of the hurricane. Otis. His known intolerance to questioning led him to make serious generalizations with what he calls “the means of manipulation” that have shown the government's incompetence in the face of the natural disaster.

He says they are like “vultures” looking for the dead.

“They have problems with us, because the media owners can no longer steal like before, they are wanting to take advantage of the misfortune of this tragedy to make some profit. These are vulture seasons,” she says.

Have you forgotten that the first official version was that there were no deaths without having real information? It is a question.

Then there was talk of 24 dead and four missing. The figure did not change until two days later.

Was it not his own AMLO the one who declared that “we were lucky, the creator protected us, there weren't that many…”? It's another question.

The tragic toll rose to 43 dead and 36 missing; then to 48 dead, and then down to 45 dead “that we have in Semefo,” said the governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado. One of the arguments most used by the ruling party to justify the absence of effective prevention measures is that Otis It went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in less than 12 hours.

I partially transcribe a CNN note in Spanish, published at 6:57 p.m. last Tuesday, October 24, hours before Otis will reach the coasts of Guerrero: “It remains a dangerous hurricane, according to the most recent forecast from the United States National Hurricane Center.”

To the former PAN presidents Vincent Fox and Felipe Calderon They were also rained on for criticizing their government. The Guanajuato native even lied to them. “I have nothing left but to tell you: screw everyone who governs us, military or not, to their mother. “Resolve Acapulco and the immense misfortune that our country is in,” he wrote in X. “That is the former president Fox", said AMLO.

* Since we are. The CFE assures that it is completely false that the restoration of electrical service in Acapulco is until January 2024, as some media have pointed out.

The commission's communications office sent us a message in which they announced that by the time you read this the entire port will have light. Hopefully…

In accordance with its protocols, the CFE prioritized fundamental services for the community: it immediately installed emergency plants, mainly to provide energy to hospitals, communications systems, gas stations, public security facilities, civil protection and establishments that provide priority services, the statement says.

* Morena has until November 10 to achieve the re-election of the CDMX prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy. If it does not occur before that date, the entire procedure must be replaced with another shortlist. That's why they're in a hurry. They have already sent the initiative to the PAN president of the Board of Directors of the CDMX Congress, Gabriela Salidoto give him his turn.

Sources linked to this process tell us that there is strong pressure on local opposition deputies to be absent when voting, so that Morena reaches the required majority. We know that there is already an agreement between the three parties of the Frente Amplio por México to vote against him staying Godoy. They know that if he is re-elected as prosecutor he will make “their lives miserable for four more years.”

That's where Morena's dirty game begins to make them absent or make them want to go to the bathroom when voting.

In exchange for the vote, they promise the PRI members that they will free their former president in CDMX, Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrezimprisoned for human trafficking, reliable sources assure us.

They add: “The PRD is angry with the PAN because it gave the votes to Morena in Michoacán to appoint the state comptroller. The PRI is angry with the PAN because it gave the votes to the Chief Accounting Office of the Treasury to hold a meeting of the Superior Audit Office and unload some of Morena's issues and did not notify them.”

The atmosphere became even more strained by the fact that PRI and PRD members do not want the aforementioned PAN president to give her turn to the re-election initiative until the fatal date arrives and they are forced to restart the process.

"But the PAN says: if I don't give it a turn it's going to be a problem." PRI members and PRD members respond: There is no problem if the table says that an analysis is going to be done. How many initiatives have been left without a turn and nothing happens?

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