AMLO's cramp to Mexican retirees

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Francisco Garfias.

President López Obrador cramped the 229 Mexicana de Aviación retirees – all of whom are elderly – who reject the “cupular agreement” that their union leaders signed with the labor authority, to buy the brand and some assets of the bankrupt company.

The dissatisfied, who won an award for 400 million pesos in 2016, do not receive a pension "because the company stole the funds and did not give us anything," says Iván Enríquez Barragán, common representative of the retirees in rebellion.

We spoke with him after López Obrador threatened to cancel the purchase of the company's brand, if an agreement is not reached before next July 5.

The federal government's intention is to use the brand and assets in the public aviation company that the Army will manage and operate.

The operation, according to AMLO, would leave between 800 and one billion pesos.

The retirees have until July 7 to accept the agreement that union leaders of pilots, flight attendants, ground workers and two civil associations made on the company's assets subject to labor embargoes.

If the agreement does not materialize, the new airline would be called Maya, AMLO said in the morning.


The president's words turned on the yellow lights among the dissatisfied retirees. They don't want to stay like the dog with both cakes.

Enríquez is convinced that the president is misinformed by the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde. He maintains that the union leaders answer to his lawyer, Arturo Alcalde Justiniani, father of the aforementioned secretary.

It is "absolutely false," he stressed, that the dissatisfied claim 600 million pesos of the billion that would come from the sale of the brand.

Juan Iván Peña Neder, a lawyer for the protesters, explains that his defendants won the award for 400 million pesos in 2016. "They have not been paid because they have not sold the brand," he points out. The file is 88/2015.

The lawyer stresses, however, that the retirees would accept a deal if they are given 146 million pesos. With that they intend to pay the 500 thousand pesos that the famous 'modality 40' of Social Security costs, which would give them access to a decent pension.

The resources to be distributed add up to 817 million, says Enríquez. The distribution would be as follows:

The pilots and managers would each take between 800,000 and one million pesos. In contrast, active flight attendants and retirees between 40 and 60 thousand pesos; secretaries and cleaners practically nothing.

That would be, to paraphrase the president, "absolutely unfair."

The common representative of retirees proposes that AMLO Receive at the National Palace or wherever. “We explain to him,” she tells us.

But they have been asking for an audience for two weeks and nothing.


Once again, hysteria broke out around Minister Yazmín Esquivel. They lynched her for the umpteenth time.

Now it was due to the decision of a judge from Mexico City who determined "firmly and unassailably" that he did not copy the bachelor's thesis that he presented at the FES Acatlán in 1987.

There are many who tore their clothes for the announcement made by the minister's legal team at a press conference held at a hotel in Reforma, in CDMX.

I wish they would channel that energy to protest against the violence that has this country drowning in violence and at the mercy of organized crime.

"With this final sentence, the process that is followed for plagiarism in the Ethics Committee of the UNAM is without matter," say Esquivel's lawyers.

The highest house of studies did not take long to react. In an official statement, it says that the scope of this sentence does not bind the university, nor does it compromise its substantive academic functions.

"UNAM will continue the defense against the civil lawsuit notified on April 27, in which measures were ordered that prevent him from developing his academic work, particularly the delivery and consequent publicity of the opinion of the University Ethics Committee on the professional thesis of the current minister”, points out the university statement.


The parable of the prodigal son. Senator Ricardo Monreal finally had a bilateral meeting with President López Obrador, after not being in the president's mood for more than two years.

"I'm going to stay in Morena until I die," the smiling politician from Zacatecas retorted, after being asked if he would jump to another party if Morena did not choose him as a presidential candidate.

Monreal was grilled in the National Palace after the results of the 2021 midterm elections were known. They blame him, particularly, for the defeat of Dolores Padierna in the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office, against the Monrealist Sandra Cuevas.


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