AMLO meets with Acapulco hoteliers to promote tourism after Hurricane 'Otis'

AMLO's morning today, November 8, 2023 live
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador leads a meeting with hotel businessmen from the port of Acapulco, Guerreroafter finishing the morning conference this Wednesday at the National Palace.

The fundamental purpose of the meeting is to design a plan that guarantees the reactivation of tourism in the port no later than April of next year so that the Tourist Market 2024 and vacationers are received a little earlier on the occasion of Holy Week.

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"What we want is for the Tianguis Turístico, which we decided not to suspend and for it to take place in Acapulco and we are asking businessmen who have hotels in Acapulco to help us and there has been a very good response and today I am going to have a meeting, which help us so that they, at the same time, convince others so that for Easter, the flea market is in April, we already have 30, 40 hotels operating and that from December (2023) the activity begins again, which on December 24 December, Acapulqueños return to normal," said this tomorrow López Obrador prior to the meeting.

Some of the businessmen invited to the meeting are:

  • Carlos Slim
  • Daniel Chavez
  • Antonio Cosío
  • Juan Antonio Hernandez
  • Francisco Cervantes, president of the CCE

According to the president, there are challenges regarding the reconstruction of hotels such as the availability of bricklayers and construction materials.

"It is not so easy to get it because fortunately there is a lot of construction work everywhere. We are talking to the cement companies, with those who distribute construction materials, so that is what we are going to talk about. Vidanta confirmed; Mundo Imperial confirmed, they have two or three hotels, Slim confirmed, he has a hotel; Juan Antonio Hernández, who is helping us a lot because he gave us a space to concentrate groceries, food. Everyone is helping" indicated the federal president.

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