AMLO cannot explain his son’s conflict of interest over the gray house, that’s why he incites hatred: Julen Rementería

Mexico.- The rejection of the President of the Republic towards the media is not new, what is new is the high degree of verbal violence and incitement to hatred that it provokes against the media, warned the coordinator of the senators and the PAN senators, Julen Rementería del Puerto.

“It is extremely worrying, just when there are more murders of journalists, 5 in less than a month. They can’t call themselves Democrats when they want to end free speech,” she noted.

The senator for Veracruz indicated that the report of the Gray House in Houston, it brutally exposed the government of Morena, since it showed that austerity is a vile lie, since it revealed the possibility of a conflict of interest and influence peddling by the son of President López Obrador.

“The scandal is so strong that the shareholders of the Baker Hughes company are asking for an investigation there in the United States, where corruption is persecuted,” he said.

He explained that Pemex data corroborates that since López Obrador’s son and his wife moved to the Baker Hughes executive’s mansion, this company received more contracts: its contracts went from 2,900 million pesos in 2018, to 4,110 million in 2019, 6,494 million in 2020 and 8,850 million last year. In 3 years, more than 19 billion pesos.

He said that since neither the President, nor his son, nor the director of Pemex can deny all this, the only thing left for them is to vilely and brazenly attack the communicator who exhibited them.

“On Friday all limits were broken in the attack against Carlos Loret de Mola. The President, blinded by hatred, had no qualms about violating at least 3 laws by making his entry public: Personal data protection, Administrative Responsibility and the Federal Tax Code, in addition to contravening the Constitution, violating the rights and put at risk the physical and patrimonial integrity of the journalist,” he lamented.

In addition, he said, in Veracruz we have an imitation of the Governor who follows the bad example of the President, because a few days ago Cuitláhuac García violently confronted a reporter for asking him an uncomfortable question.

“And what was the question? The allegations of abuse of power by your government that have been pointed out by lawyers, activists, politicians, legislators, victims and citizens in general”, he exhibited, while recalling that there are more than a thousand people detained under the alleged crime of outrage against The authority.

“What more evidence do you want that we are suffering from an authoritarian regime that violates rights and freedoms? Cuitláhuac’s incompetence is only surpassed by his dream of being a dictator,” he concluded.

With information from the PAN

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