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Alejandro Rodriguez Cortes*.

What are the whims of political life: less than a month ago, the question was not whether there was a chance of defeating Morena in next year's presidential election, but whether the opposition would be able to concentrate on winning the majority in the Congress of the Union to avoid madness, the authoritarian nonsense of the regime of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his dreams of continuity.

But the unthinkable happened: the president who lies with the saying that mornings are an exercise in circular communication, denied his right of reply to a character whom he despised and minimized in his infinite arrogance, and today he is a political and media phenomenon. and digital that suddenly catapulted an option that can kick the whole Morenismo out of the National Palace.

Xóchitl Gálvez is not a makeshift from the grid, but neither is she a stale, stuffy old politician, of the old PRI style that she has been fighting for years. In fact, she has skilfully built a career that she herself was leading towards the head of government of Mexico City, with almost certain chances of triumph, but that suddenly changed her route towards the presidency of the Republic due to foolishness and incredible lack of political calculation of López Obrador.

The surprise is so great and the cascade of support and sympathy that Xóchitl has aroused is so organic and intense, that the misplaced members and cheerleaders of the misnamed Fourth Transformation do not know what to do, and what they do contributes to the growing popularity of a woman from Hidalgo that gives them a taste of their own chocolate: it is she who can fix their mess and fly their same social flags, but without improvisation or witticism, with strategy and planning, with good cadres that have 100 percent capacity and zero percent abjection and lambisconery.

The president of Mexico himself has been talking about Xóchitl for a week, and the tsunami has turned him around: he places her as part of the power mafia, but she has no party; he blurts out that she does not know the indigenous communities, and she comes from there, in addition to working for them for two six-year terms; she makes fun of the fact that she sold tamales, but she forgets that he offers atole with her finger; he minimizes her bike while the white jetta has been transformed into an armored Suburban; He accuses profanity when talking about her, but he lies 100 times a day in the Treasury Room.

In short, since Xóchitl Gálvez signed up for the process that finally managed to organize the Broad Opposition Front despite the PRI, PAN and PRD, legally necessary franchises to reach the Eagle's chair, the government in turn campaigns for him, while that its caps are lost for the first time in the sea of ​​public discussion. The issue is Xóchitl, so much so that Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself has been talking about it for a week, while the country bleeds to death in murders and executions, a Pemex offshore platform explodes and at the same time continues to break promises: the shortage of medicines persists; Dos Bocas did not refine its first liter of gasoline at the beginning of July; line 12 of the capital metro was not reopened; the Mayan Train has the first trains but the track remains unfinished amid environmental devastation; The Mexican economy is not growing as it should, and more and more conflicts of ungovernability are looming, with strikes and blockades everywhere.

In two months the candidate selection processes by the ruling party and the opposition will conclude. And now the question is whether AMLO maintains his commitment to a woman without grace or empathy who simply recites the obradorista doctrine over and over again, or does he have to start a plan B or even a C, because it seems very likely that Xóchitl Gálvez, the indigenous accused of being mestizo and machuchona by the ruling party, make the June 2024 election a competitive exercise of hope: the continuation of the disaster or the option of a coalition government headed by a charismatic and also well-prepared woman who will reconcile our dear Mexico and give you the certainty of a better direction.

Of course, first he will have to win the internal competition of the reborn Mexican opposition.

*Journalist, communicator and PR


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