AMLO attacks DeSantis and again asks migrants not to vote for the Republican after the entry of the SB1718 law

Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Ron DeSantis.

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Before the entry into force of law SB1718 in Florida, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lashed out again at Florida Governor Ron DeSantisand asked migrants not to vote for the United States presidential candidate for the Republican party.

We are against DeSantis immigration reformthe governor of Florida, who is against immigrants, not a vote for DeSantis, he who does not love his country does not love his mother, not a vote to those who despise migrants, we cannot remain silentyes," he noted.

From the National Palace, in Mexico City, the Mexican president accused Republican Ron DeSantis of enacting his anti-immigrant laws in Florida for "political" and "electoral" purposes.

“If the United States is a great nation, it has been because of the migrants and he (Ron DeSantis) is for the wall and for the bad treatment of migrants. He aspires to be a candidate for the presidency for the Republican Party. Hopefully and the citizens of the United States, of the Republican Party, know what is really happening, because it is the migrants who allow the works that are needed in the United States to be carried out, the infrastructure that they need, is the force of work that makes America great, and only for political, electoral purposes, for wanting to look good deceiving that migrants are the ones who cause misery in the United Statesall of which is false, they dare to make these reforms on the eve of elections, ”he attacked.

López Obrador also accused the media in the United States of creating campaigns to discredit the work carried out by migrants in the United States.

“Migrants are the ones that allow the development of peoples in the world, so instead of mistreating them, repressing them, expelling them, they must be protected and the Bible must be reviewed on how it was recommended to treat foreigners well. Migrants have to be respected and they go to the United States to work and look for an honest life, they are not thugs, It is not true, it is a great falsehood that has been spread through manipulation media in the United States that migrants bring drugs to the United States, that is completely false.”, he stated.

“They take advantage of the lack of information of some sectors of the American people and of the great manipulation that there is also in the United States through newspapers, even the most famous: the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and many moreand the radio networks and the television networks, it is incredible how they manipulate, even Reforma (of Mexico) which is tabloid and which is one of the promoters of Xóchitl act with more professionalism than the New York Times”, he specified.

It was this July 1, 2023 that the SB 1718 law began to be applied in the state of Florida of which the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed its resounding rejection, describing them as racist and violating human rights.

This new law, promoted by DeSantis, establishes restrictions on undocumented immigrants and forces companies with more than 25 employees to use a program to verify immigration status of each person hired.

In addition, it makes it difficult for migrants to access medical care and ignores driver's licenses issued by other states to people without legal immigration status, among other measures.

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