AMLO assures that the US will not build 36 kilometers of wall with Mexico

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He said he believes that The United States will not build the additional 36 kilometers of wall on the border with Mexico and said that the announcement by the US government does not mean that the immigration policy of his counterpart has changed. Joe Bidenbut that the US Congress is requiring him to apply the budget item for the purpose for which it was assigned but, he pointed out, the US government does not want to build the barrier.

“This construction of 36 kilometers is due to an authorization that they have in the budget and since they have an opposition in the Congress (of the United States) they are demanding that they (comply with the law),” commented the president in his morning this Friday, October 6 from Quintana Roo, where he will carry out a new supervision tour aboard the Mayan Train.

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López Obrador said that in addition to the fact that the Biden government does not want to reinforce the wall because it also believes that this is not the solution to the immigration issue, things “in the palace move slowly”.

“I think they are not going to be built because, among other things, that is what usually happens in other countries and in Mexico too, where things move slowly in the palace. They are not going to be built and they do not want to do it, they want to comply with the law, but they do not agree with the construction of walls,” he highlighted.

He made it clear that in High Level Dialogue on Security that they had with US officials in the National Palace, among them Anthony BlinkenSecretary of State of the United States, they were told that a wall is not the solution to the migration phenomenon and they heard the explanation about it from the American delegation.

"In the case of the wall, it was stated that we do not think that this is the solution to the immigration problem, we always talk about addressing the causes that must be guaranteed in the countries, for the people, opportunities for work and study. young people so that they are not forced to leave their countries, that the causes must be addressed, that cannot be addressed with coercive measures, with barriers, walls, militarizing the border and they know well what our position is and we have made progress," he expressed. .

López Obrador described the meeting with Biden government officials as good and with good results and clarified that he met with the American delegation for about two hours.

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