AMLO asks the US to reveal evidence and recordings on the Genaro García Luna case


The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, He asked the United States Attorney’s Office this Thursday to reveal the recordings in which the former Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro García Luna, arrested in that country for corruption, allegedly bribes and threatens the media.

“What I would ask from now on is that, regardless of whether the recordings have legal value or not, hopefully and find a way to make them known,” said the president during his morning press conference from the National Palace.

His statements come after The US Attorney’s Office asked a judge on Wednesday to admit new evidence against the former Mexican secretary (2006-2012) that would demonstrate “the defendant’s attempts to silence journalists through harassment and bribery, and his willingness to manipulate witnesses.”

The US government asserted have evidence that between 2008 and 2013, García Luna harassed and threatened a journalist as a result of an investigation into him.

It also maintained that between 2009 and 2010 the politician used money from corruption to pay bribes to a “news organization” to prevent journalists from that organization from publishing negative stories about him.

About, López Obrador indicated that this is “a very delicate matter”, and confirmed that the United States Attorney’s Office has the audios although he specified that “it is not known if this is proof and if it will be accepted.”

The Mexican president justified his request to expose the audios because, he said, the facts must be known.

That nothing else remains in court, in filesbecause this helps to improve public life, to purify public life, transparency”, he asserted.

In addition, he said, there are countries where investigations are carried out that resolve themselves and close the cases.

We do not want them to be closed, (we want) everything to be ventilatedthat public life be more and more public and more in these matters that harm so much, because we are talking about the security of citizens”, he insisted.

He indicated that the case of García Luna is important but not only because of the punishment, since he asked that “it be instructive, that it help prevent, that there be no repetition.”

López Obrador linked the case of García Luna with the war against drug trafficking declared by then President Felipe Calderón in December 2006, with the presumed approval of the United States security agencies.

“Shortly after, García Luna begins to appear, so that is the origin of the matter, so (Calderón) stays with García Luna as a strong man to delve into this policy,” he said.

García Luna, arrested in 2019, directed between 2001 and 2005 the extinct Federal Investigation Agency of Mexicoin charge of fighting corruption and organized crime, and between 2006 and 2012 he was Secretary of Public Security of the Calderón Government.

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