AMLO announces airlift to rescue Mexicans

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Before the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip that has been increasing with more bombings from both sides, Mexico will establish a airlift to rescue more than 700 Mexicans who are still trapped in Israeli territory, announced the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Yesterday the two Mexican Air Force planes that traveled to Israel to repatriate Mexicans who were stranded in the conflict zone returned to the country, including the women's rhythmic gymnastics team. A total of 287 Mexicans, including children, women and the elderly, returned to the country on board the two aircraft.

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President López Obrador said that in the two first humanitarian flights, preference was given to children and the elderly and added that the rest of Mexicans who are still in Israel are mostly young people, who will be repatriated in the next missions that the federal government will undertake, for this Tomorrow the planes will leave again for Israeli territory to bring back the Mexicans.

However, due to the length of the journey, in which at least three stops must be made before completing the round trip, the federal government determined expedite the departure of Mexicans from the conflict zone with an airlift to take them to one or two safe countries and from there I will begin the return trip to Mexico.

The Mexicans repatriated from Israel arrived at the Santa Lucía Air Base on two Mexican Air Force planes. (Reuters)

"Tomorrow the two planes leave, but since there are many people and the conflict is unfortunately escalating, we want to take advantage of the time and we are going to do an airlift," the president announced in his morning this Thursday.

He added that the mission is remove the 764 Mexicans as “as soon as possible” that they still have to be repatriated and taken to this safe country or countries, of which he did not say which ones they would be, and then from there begin the return trip to Mexico.

“The planes are going to stay there in Europe and when we have all of them (the Mexicans) in one or two (safe) countries we will bring them back,” he commented.

Israel vs Hamas, a week of the conflict

The war between Israel and Hamas is almost a week after it broke out over the surprise attack launched by the Palestinian group on Israeli territory. Until now, they are counted more than 2 thousand dead from both sides, including several babies who the Israeli government confirmed were killed by Hamas.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, called on the population to prepare for a “long war” and warned that they will finish off all the members of Hamas, whom he accused of starting the conflict

As part of the offensive, the Israeli government joined with the opposition and formed a emergency government until the end of the conflict. In their counterattack against Hamas, Israeli authorities have maintained constant bombing of the Gaza Stripcontrolled by the Palestinian group, and ordered to stop the supply of energy and food.

The President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, condemned the violence against civilians by both Hamas and the Israeli government and demanded an “immediate end” to the aggression against the Palestinian people, where there is a risk that hospitals will become morgues after losing power.

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