'Amiguitas' of Neymar, Vinicius and Richarlison unleash fury in Brazil

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He journalist South American Matheus Baldi revealed the alleged organized party for the stars of the Brazil's selection, Neymar Jr., Vinicius Jr. and Richarlisonwhich would have been carried out prior to the meeting between the 'Scratch' and Venezuela for the Qualifiers heading to World Cup 2026.

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The women invited by footballers they would have been the models Leticia Sogiro and Rita Lopesin addition to the audiovisual content producer, Rebecca Ribeiro; In this situation, the footballers were rebuked by their fanssince iThey began the duel before the 'Red wine', the same one in which they failed to win and gave up the leadership of the Qualifiers to Argentina.

It was not so much the draw of the Brazilian team with Venezuela that became the topic in Cuiabá, but rather a possible 'party' of some players that would have occurred yesterday, Thursday the 12th," the journalist published through social networks.

In addition, he released details about a audio that would be circulating different groups of WhatsApp:

In a WhatsApp audio that circulates around the city, a woman points out that Neymar would have stayed with Rebeca Ribeiro, Vinicius Jr. would have stayed with Leticia Sogiro and Richarlison, with Rita Lopes.


Rebecca Ribeiro was one of the women involved, who to the more than 20 thousand followers she has on her Instagram profile He assured that he was not part of the party mentioned by Matheus Baldibesides, He took the time to upload a photograph with Neymar Jr. whom he classified as 'brother'.

Defending my right to a classy image. False footprint of empty and evil people, only valid in this useless, lazy and idle ball of this Twitter,” stated Rebeca Ribeiro.

The second of the women mentioned was Rita Lopes, Brazilian model and influencer that until now has not commented on the matterhowever, remains active on her social networks sharing stories. Finally, the 'Carioca' model with more than 180 thousand followers on his Instagram account, Leticia Sogirowas overwhelming publishing that she She is not linked to any footballer and much less with someone who is marriedas is the situation of Vinicius Jr.Real Madrid footballer.
* So far, none of the 'Scratch' players, the 'Verdeamamarela' strategist or the Brazilian Football Confederation itself have proclaimed themselves on the matter.


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