Amid intense shelling, Hamas says it will respond with 'full force' to Israel

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After a day in which Israel “expanded its activity” in the Gaza Strip, the Islamist group Hamas said on Saturday that its militants in Gaza were ready to meet Israeli attacks with "full force."

The Palestinian militant group that rules Gaza earlier said its fighters were clashing with Israeli troops in areas near the border with Israel after the country reported an intensification of attacks in Gaza.

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In addition to the attacks carried out in recent days, ground forces are expanding their operations tonight," Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Friday afternoon, raising the question of whether the invasion of Gaza could be beginning. .

Hagari reported that Israel's air force carried out extensive strikes against tunnels dug by Hamas and other infrastructure.

Hamas's armed wing said late Friday that its fighters were clashing with Israeli troops in the northeastern Gaza city of Beit Hanoun and in the central Al-Bureij area.

"Al-Qassam brigades and all Palestinian resistance forces are fully ready to confront (Israel's) aggression with full force and thwart its incursions," Hamas said in a statement early Saturday (local time).

Netanyahu and his defeated army will not be able to achieve any military victory," referring to the Israeli prime minister.

Israeli ground forces had massed outside Gazawhere Israel has been carrying out an intense aerial bombardment campaign since a deadly attack on October 7 by hundreds of Hamas gunmen against Israeli communities near the strip.

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Al Jazeera, which broadcast live footage overnight showing frequent explosions in Gaza, said Israeli airstrikes had hit areas around the enclave's main hospital.

The Israeli military on Friday accused Hamas of using the hospital as a shield for its tunnels and operational centers, a charge the group denied.

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