Americans can now claim reimbursement for Covid-19 tests


COVID-19 testing at the new downtown Santa Monica is done on cars.


Consumers who have over-the-counter Covid rapid tests will be reimbursed by their insurers for the cost of such devices under the new rules announced by the Biden administration.

The federal government reported that it will require Insurers cover the cost of eight home tests per family member each month. This occurs in a context in which efforts are being sought to expand access to rapid tests.

Rapid Covid tests have become an integral part of the country’s plan to contain the spread of the virus, regardless of vaccination, which has not stopped across the nation.

The initiative urges insurers to make testing available to members at no cost by creating networks of retailers that insurance plans will reimburse on subsequent days.

Therefore, According to the guide published by the Department of Health and Human Services those with private insurance can claim reimbursement for rapid tests Starting January 15, without the need for a prescription or prior authorization.

Americans who are uninsured or covered by Medicare will not be able to claim reimbursement for any OTC tests they purchase. The White House reported that send 500 million rapid tests to families to those requesting them through a government website for free home delivery, the address has yet to be disclosed.

Besides, also 50 million free tests will be provided to community health centers and rural clinics for those Americans who are not eligible for reimbursement through the federal plan.

Due to the state of the new regulations, consumers will not receive a retroactive refund for the tests they already purchased. Insurers are only responsible for cover the cost of tests purchased as of Saturday, January 15.

Government-approved reimbursable tests include Abbott’s BinaxNow Home Test, Quidel’s QuickVue Antigen Test, and OraSure’s InteliSwab Rapid Test.

According to the government, if an American buys a Covid test that is not part of those that have been approved, then insurers are only required to reimburse at a rate of $ 12 per test.

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