American Women’s Soccer Team blocks Río Churubusco, in CDMX; this is what they ask | Videos


Members of the American Women’s National Soccer Team They blocked traffic in both directions on Río Churubusco avenue this Friday the height of Axis 3 South Añil and Río de la Piedad Viaduct.

The selected Mexicans requested the federal government an air transport to transport them to Finlandwhere the Women’s American Soccer World Cup begins this Saturday.

Internet users even asked on social networks for the presidential plane to make the trip from Mexico to the European country, and thus the athletes can fulfill their participation in the World Cup.

Through the same channel, the official account of the PRD deputies shared a video where two alleged members of the National Women’s American Football Team expose the difficulties that have gone through in the last few days, due to lack of budget by the Federation.

According to one of those selected, without mentioning her name, she reports that the itinerary contemplated making the trip last Wednesday, July 27; However, that day they received a call to notify them that “the flights could not be accessed due to lack of payment and lack of budget.”

“They begin to give us deadlines in which flights are supposedly being obtained, which are not met,” he added.

This Friday the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade) issued a statement in this regard and states that it is the responsibility of the Mexican Sports Federations (FMD)the management and logistics for a national representative to participate in a national or international competitionwithin the Olympic cycle, apart from the Central American and Caribbean Games, the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games”.

“It is the commitment and task of the FDM, to grant all the facilities to our athletes when they participate in a competition; such as: flights, registrations, uniforms, lodging, clothing; among other travel necessities,” he notes.

“There are extraordinary circumstances outside the federations, which can affect the planning and execution of a sporting eventso they will carry out the necessary steps to provide a response and/or solution, whenever they are within their reach” he added in the document.

Regarding the road blockade, the demonstrators decided to withdraw from Río Churubusco avenue around 8:30 p.m. on this day, so Traffic was restored on the road.

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