América vs Barcelona LIVE: minute by minute of the women's friendly

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Minute 26: The game is stopped due to an injury to Aisha Camara. It is used for the rehydration break.

Minute 20: Luebbert's cross from the right, which ended with a deflected shot from Kiana Palacios.

Minute 19: Katty Martínez made a cross with a set piece after a foul; Kiana Palacios finished off with a header but was unable to give it direction.

Score at the moment: América Femenil 0-0 Barcelona Femenil

Minute 15: Jocelyn Orejel looked for the reaction of the Azulcremas with a long-distance shot that went over the rival goal.

Minute 15: Oshoala went hand in hand with Itzel González, which was won by the goalkeeper, who managed to deflect the Blaugrana player's shot with her right hand.

13th minute: Lucia Corrales placed a pass to Oshoala who failed to connect correctly despite being left alone in front of the goal.

11th minute: Natalia Mauleon ended a play by the Azulcremas with a shot that was well saved by goalkeeper Sandra Paños.

Minute 9: Shot from outside the area by Katty Martínez that goes wide.

Minute 7: Barcelona arrives from the right wing, with a play that ended with a shot by Camara that was blocked by the defense.

Minute 5: Combination between Katty Martínez and Sarah Luebbert, which ended with a shot from the 22 that passed near the goal of Paños.

Minute 4: Oshoala manages to put the risk on the defensive, although Pereira prevents it properly, sending the ball to the throw-in.

Minute 1: Sarah Luebbert tried the first dangerous one on the right wing, however, the defense was attentive, ending with a free kick from the cream-blue attacker

Starts the match! The match between América and Barcelona starts at the Azteca stadium.

Match lineups:

America: González, Pereira, Rodríguez, Hernández, Luna, Orejel, Mauleon, Kaci, Luebbert, Martínez, Palacios. DT, Angel Villacampa

Barcelona: Cloths, Martina, Jana, Pina, Corrales, Graham, Patri, Szymczak, Camara, Dragoni, Oshoala. DT. Jonatan Giraldez

Americacurrent champion of the Mx Women's League, will receive on the field of the Azteca stadium Barcelonacurrent champion of the Women's Champions League, in a match that seeks to leave an important precedent in women's football.

The 2023 Champions League champions are on tour in our country. (Art: Jovani Pérez)

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