América thrashes Xolos and achieves its eighth win in a row

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America achieved its eighth consecutive victory in it Opening 2023 winning 3-0 to Xolos at the Azteca Stadium, reaching 39 points in the contest and adding 27 consecutive scoring games.

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With rotations in the meeting Regarding what was shown throughout 15 Conferences, those led by André Jardine stood on the Azteca field facing a new episode of Miguel Herrera facing the Águilas after having been the coach of the capital.

The first minutes in the match would be marked by the arrivals of Kevin Alvarez (9'), the shot Carlos Gonzalez (14') that would end in the Óscar Jiménez glovesand a pre-fabricated move e where Richard Sánchez would look for Lichnovsky to second post.

Julián Quiñones misses a double opportunity

It would be in the minute 30 when Julián Quiñones would miss the most important action in the first half, crashing into the humanity of Toño Rodríguez his first attempt, while the second would send him to the side of the Tijuana arch.

At the beginning of the second half, America would go forward in search of the goal that would put it aheadhence Henry Martin carried the ball from 3/4 of the courtentering the area completely alone and defining with his left leg, however, his deflected marching shot.

Xolos would not sit idly by and from the feet of Christian Rivera and Kevin Castañeda they would seek to surprise a Americanist squad that seemed to cope the lapses in the meeting.

'Rigorous' double yellow and America takes advantage

As soon as the clock struck 60 minutesthe defender of xolaje, Kevin Balantawould live his last minutes in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula after a slight foul on Henry Martinsame that the whistler would determine as second yellowremaining with 10 players.

In it minute 73 of the party, Alejandro Zendejas would put the local squad ahead in the game after Henry Martin attended to the Mexican-American extreme of 'taquito'.

Almost immediately, The Eagles would increase the damage for those led by Miguel Herrera with a center from Kevin Álvarez that would end up being finished off by 'Little head' Rodríguez at 78' and putting the 2-0 to the joy of the public present at the Azteca.

Before the whistle signaled the end of the match, Richard Sánchez would close a dream night for his cause upon reaching the baseline and sending a center to 'heart of the area' so that Alvaro Fidalgo He will only push the ball into the back of the net, putting the final 3-0.

For the last day, America will visit the court University Stadium to face Tigers (both qualified directly to the Quarterfinals of Apertura 2023), while Xolos will try to stay within the top 6 when it receives Pachuca in it Hot Stadium.


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