America resisted tooth and nail

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América, the best team in the tournament in terms of numbers and performance, resisted a fierce attack from San Luis and thus emerged victorious to achieve its eleventh victory, the sixth in a row.

The close victory was thanks to a goal from Henry Martín who started in the center of the San Luis defense, mortally wounded by mistiming the offside.

Martín was not intimidated as he endured the collision with goalkeeper Andrés Sánchez and scored the ball into the back of the goal to set América on their way to another victory.

What was supposed to be a victory without excessive problems, was prolonging a long-suffering task for América that lowered the intensity and that allowed San Luis to get back up.

The apathy of both teams was such at times that no one really believed they were watching two teams that are among the best five in the tournament. América passed the ball conservatively and San Luis waited like a timid team.

Gustavo Leal, former assistant to André Jardine, understood that he had to send a message to counteract the situation and brought out Jhon Murillo and Salles Lamonge to activate his game.

The San Luis fans at times remembered André Jardine on their bench, but they soon woke up when they noticed that he was getting the points and supported their team.

Two particularly spectacular saves by Ángel Malagón marked América's victory. One from Villalpando's shot and another from a shot by Ángel Zaldívar. It was when the Eagles realized that without much effort, they will continue as the best in the competition.

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