América consolidates leadership with a win over Pachuca at the Azteca Stadium

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On a rainy night at the Azteca Stadium, America beat Pachuca 4-0 in the Day 11 of the Opening 2023 and established itself in the leadership of the tournament after adding 24 points; the Tuzos they stay out of the play-in zone and Henry Martin scored his first goal in the contest.

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The led by André Jardine began to 'beating drum'the meeting, since at minute 3 they would have the first arrival of dangersame in which Salvador Reyes would finish with his right leg and -with a spectacular launch- Carlos Moreno would send to corner kick.

America dominated on the Azteca Stadium field, however, it was Pachuca who scored the first goal of the match…although this would be disallowed for offside by Lucas Di Yoriolast to touch the ball to direct it to the azulcrema goal (19').

As the minutes passed, the visitors were the ones who settled in the best way to a complex playing field, managing to get in front of the capital arch from the feet of Illian HernandezHowever, the striker would fail his attempt; he Tuzo stress would remain and Luis Malagón would prevent the fall of its frame with a great haul.

Carlos Moreno's 'Bear' gives the Eagles an advantage

He scoreboard in América-Pachuca would open after a free kick shot by Leonardo Suárez, the same in which the Hidalgo goalkeeper conceded the rebound and Henry Martin would get his first score in the Apertura 2023 by pushing the ball into the back of the net.

Just before the end of the first half, America would score the second of the matchwhich was carried out by captain azulcrema, however, a Kevin Álvarez's millimeter offside kept the 1-0 on the scoreboard.

The complementary part took a while to carbure. During the first moments, Luis Malagón would deflect a ball that seemed to sneak into the lower left corner and with the assistance of Henry Martin, Alejandro Zendejas would be completely alone against Carlos Moreno to make it 2-0 in it minute 59 and establish themselves at the top of the competition.

During the last minutes of the match, Both teams were able to do damage in the opposite goal.However, it was Julian Quiñones who put the (3-0) after taking advantage of a Carlos Moreno's mistake at the exit, cut Sergio Barreto and shake the networks.

It was on the last play of the game when Julián Quiñones and 'Little head' Rodríguez joined forces on the boundaries of the area so that he Uruguayan will finish cross-defining and sentence the meeting with a overwhelming 4-0leaving the Eagles at the top of the table with 24 pointswhile Pachuca fell behind in the fight to enter the top ten places (11 units, 14°).

For the Day 12 of the Opening 2023, America will visit the Kraken field where it will be measured before Mazatlánwhile Pachuca will return to Hidalgo Stadium to receive the current Mexican soccer champion, Tigers.


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