America closed the signing of Jorge Meré from Cologne in Germany

The Eagles of America they would have the transfer of the Spanish footballer ready Jorge Mere, after an interview offered by the director of the Cologne of the Bundesliga, Thomas Kessler, who assured that the player's future will be in Mexico City.

The group led by Santiago Solari is still reinforcing its squad and now, with the arrival of Meré, it would join the signings of Diego Valdes Y Alexander Zendejas, while also waiting for the arrival of other players, including Paul Arriola.

Jorge Meré would be arriving in Mexico City in the next few hours after having agreed on his transfer and putting himself under the orders of Santiago Solari, while the azulcremas are on a break due to the suspension of their match against Mazatlán.

“We have reached an agreement with a Mexican club. Jorge had permission to fix some personal issues, in addition to the obvious medical exams, "said Thomas Kessler, in the interview offered to German media.

The Spanish defender Jorge Meré would supply the departure of Emmanuel Aguilera, who was transferred to the current monarchs of the MX League, Atlas FC. On the other hand, it was announced that his compatriot Álvaro Fidalgo, who has a very close relationship, was involved in the negotiation.

The Cologne of the Bundesliga was able to get rid of the Spanish defender who had no action and did not count for the team, his last game being played on December 10 against Augsburg.

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