Amazon salaries increase: $ 19 dollars per hour will receive front-line employees

Amazon had a job base of 1.5 million frontline workers as of last June.

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Amazon has avoided opening a hiring season, as other companies have done; nevertheless, their strategy to attract new workers is to increase the salary of your frontline employees.

This was announced this week by the online sales giant detailing that will apply a $1 increase for frontline workers to be hired in the coming weeks, ahead of the most important sales season of the year.

And it is that the company founded by Jeff Bezos has time against him after he confirmed this week that he will organize another event of great offers and massive sales that has been called a second Amazon Prime Dayas soon as next October.

The salary adjustment, which will raise the income of frontline workers from $18 to $19will come into force just in October, as part of Amazon's strategy for the high sales season.

Amazon detailed that, as of this month, warehouse and transportation workers will earn between $16 and $26according to your level within the company and the location of your workplace in the United States.

As long as the minimum wage within the online sales giant will remain $15 per hour worked.

According to Amazon, the increase in wages also will benefit at least 1.5 million of its frontline workersaccording to company data for last June.

Amazon estimated that the announced wage hike will cost him about $1 billion in 2023.

Amazon prepares for peak season

The next few weeks will be crucial for the end of the year in terms of sales for Amazon, because, in addition to the traditional seasonal offers, the company confirmed that it will organize a second Amazon Prime Day in October.

Since last June, Amazon announced it would host a second massive sale event this year; however, it was not until this week that the e-commerce giant confirmed it.

Amazon had a great success in its first edition, in which had sales of thousands of products and a rise in the purchase index compared to previous editions, according to data released by the same company.

The competition towards the end of 2022 will be fierce, as other retailers will also be looking to make the most of buying urges that consumers usually show during the holidays.

Other big retailers like Walmart and Target have already announced that they will begin their sales and sales season for the Christmas season.

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