Amazon announces more mass layoffs in 2023, says its CEO

Amazon employs more than 1.5 million workers worldwide, primarily hourly employees.

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The massive layoffs that began in Amazon's corporate area this week they will extend until next year, according to the CEO of the company, Andy Jassy.

“There will be further role reductions as leaders continue to make adjustments. Decisions will be shared with affected employees and organizations early 2023Jassy wrote in a memo sent to employees.

Although the company has not determined exactly how many more people will be laid off, Jassy noted that the 'Shops' and 'People, Experience and Technology' units would be affected.

The ongoing cuts affect workers in its Devices and Books departments, which make low-margin products including Echo smart speakers.

Amazon, which has been cutting costs in various areas of its business in recent months, is undergoing an annual review process to determine where can you save more money.

Jassy said this year's review is “more difficult” because of the economic outlook and the company's rapid hiring in recent years.

“I've been in this position for about a year and a half, and without a doubt, This is the hardest decision we've ever made. during that time," Jassy wrote in the memo.

A wave of layoffs at tech companies

As recently as Tuesday, Amazon notified California authorities that it would lay off some 260 corporate workers at various facilities in the state and He froze the positions he had to occupy.

The company has not publicly disclosed how many employees it laid off, though some Seattle-based said they had laid off as well.

As they weigh the job cuts, he said company leaders prioritize what matters most to customers and health long term of the company.

Amazon offers severance packages for employees who leave the company. But unlike Meta, for example, it hasn't provided the package details publicly.

The company employs more than 1.5 million workers worldwidemainly hourly workers.

Other tech companies, many of which have continued to hire in recent years, have also been cutting their workforce amid concerns about an economic slowdown.

Among others, Facebook parent Meta said last week it would lay off 11,000 people, about 13% of its workforce. And Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has cut the company's workforce in half and this Thursday registered a massive resignation of employees after the implementation of new labor policies.

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