Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

Ccriticized to die, sails today the caudillo hated by many or well-loved by his countless supporters. for now, not something is seen here that should be settled with more votes, but perhaps via a civil war… it would unacceptable Despite the polarization that the desperate frustration “transformative”.

This leader is beaten —both the bad and the good— and still it goes on so cooleven with smiles fake and its challenges or threats to the cruelty with which it is treated. Millions adore him without questioning it, while other millions hate him and do not forgive him, but it provokes me rather tenderness for its failures and naive pretensions… although the country is the one that pays for it. I explain a little.

Well, those who have almost nothing are given hopes of something, while portions of the middle class lose privileges and they exclaim: “They have already taken away public security, the health system, the few medicines that were available, education… The only thing left to us is democracy and we are not going to hand it over to them.”

In security, Peña Nieto’s successor did not learn from the mistakes made and, worse still, multiplied them. The ignorance, arrogance and prejudice of AMLO and those close to him have led to his phrase “hugs, not bullets” becoming an object of ridicule. In intentional homicides, their numbers already exceed those of Calderón’s “bloodbath” throughout his six-year term, and will leave Peña’s behind in 2023 for a historical site (record), as R. Riva Palacio points out in El Financiero, 3/5/2022.

In the economy we have not reached the most negative, although a horizon is already in sight that reveals to us the worst six-year term in a century, perhaps with negative growth for the whole due to having fallen into serious mistakes: against productive investment; against development and the urgent reduction of poverty; in direct conflict with the current TMEC; without clear ideas in the face of inflation; in the face of intense and sustained capital flight…

I thought that, in the Mexico of the 21st century and its successful free trade agreements with an open and globalized world, it would be difficult to hear jingoistic or ultra-nationalist harangues again (xenophobia, betrayal of state property or the will of the maximum leader). However, with the energy counter reform and now the previous threats to the absurd electoral counter-reformnot only do we want to go back to past times of the last century, but also legislators and citizens who do not crave such retrograde turns (regressive: that’s what they are, more than conservative).

It is said that they are going to hit it hard and forward, with a tricky package that includes certain positive elements, although they know that this morenista concoction cannot succeed in Congress or be accepted in a civil society that respects and supports the autonomous INE. Perhaps they seek to make themselves the victims of an opposition that will continue to be pressured and brutally attacked towards various polls and votes. It also serves as a distraction from family or financial issues.

In education, in turn, the aberrant proposition of an educational model of ‘equality in ignorance’ has no place in a modern and universal formation. It still strikes me that two ambassadors of the lopezobradorista movement, one former secretary of Public Education (Esteban Moctezuma) and the other former rector of UNAM (Juan Ramón de la Fuente), have not disassociated themselves from that doctrinaire idea of ​​resentful within the 4T , in which a friend of the president’s wife stands out.

This proposal comes to be very deficient: full of adjectives and ideologies (rather, personal remnants) as an expression of populist demagoguery. And it is even more serious when it comes from individuals with deep complexes and biases against academic and work merits; educational quality or effectiveness; of a competition that could improve many things; of the national and world dominance of the markets; of school tests with differences or separations that are inevitable…

Look, overall, it’s very sad and it’s worse than we could imagine and alert. If you look closely, GDP per capita it continues to fall with the economy and generates frustrations that are going to affect the faith of the people, although the government tries to cover it up. Is there such a future?

Yes, let’s take care our democracywhich has given us bad rulers… but allows us to get rid of them!


The charge Incredible appeared first in El Arsenal.

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