Amal, symbol of Central American, Asian and African migrant children, refugees in Mexico: Batres

Amal, symbol of Central American, Asian and African migrant children,
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Amal, the giant puppet that represents a syrian refugee girl, 10 years old, he took his message of hope and empathyto the heart of Center Historical after visiting emblematic sites of Mexico City, such as the Senate of the Republic and University Citythis Saturday little Amal visited the Constitution Plazawhere hundreds of people, including dozens of girls and boys, welcomed her with shouts of “Amal, Amal.”

Amal's cause is the cause of the Central American migrant children, Latin American Caribbeans, africans and asians that cross our continent searching for the so-called “American dream”. “He has toured the country and entered the hemisphere via the United States (…) he crossed the Mexican border and entered Latin America through Tijuana and faced the iron wall”; This is how the head of government welcomed Marti Batres to little Amal.

The giant puppet walked down the Street Logof the Plinth to Fine artsaccompanied by girls in stiltsdressed in suits with fabrics and colors representative of states such as Michoacan, Mexico state, Queretaro and Aguascalientes.

In their walk, hundreds of girls and childrenmany of them on the shoulders of their parents, They yelled at little Amal, What a cartwheel as they stretched out their hands to greet her.

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Before leaving the Zócalo, students from the Ollin Yoliztli Contemporary Dance School, They presented a series of dance pieces, with songs like “América” by 13TH Street.

The puppet, 3.5 meters highis the symbol of millions of refugee children and adolescents around the world, and that, of the 114 million displaced people throughout the world, but mainly in countries at war, 25 percent are children and adolescents, warned the deputy representative of UNHCR Mexico, Rene Caipers.

In the event, Diana GraeberUN Mexico official pointed out that in Mexico, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, has become a concentration point for children and adolescents who travel with their family or alone who are victims of treatsof traffic"They suffer cold, hunger and abuse."

“It is horrible to say it but it is even worse to remain silent,” he said.

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Given these figures, said the senior official of the United Nations Mexico, Amal represents a message of hope, solidarity and inclusion for people in human mobility.

The puppet -inspired by the mexican mojigangasaccording to its designers - has been seen by more than a million people in more than 120 cities since he began the march in Turkey, where thousands of inhabitants of Syriabecause of the civil war which started in 2012.

He will remain in Mexico City until November 21.

“At almost four meters tall, it is difficult for someone not to see Amal, nor see her cause,” said the Head of Government.


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