Amaia Montero's family give details about her state of health

Amaya Montero.

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the photo you posted Amaia Montero It has circulated for weeks on social networks and his post has received various messages of support.

As a result of the publication made by the singer, some media outlets tried to contact her without success, which set off the alarms about his state of health.

In the image, the Spanish composer looked disheveled, without makeup and with a deteriorated countenance.

The publication is accompanied by the message: "If hope is the last thing to die and I haven't lost it yet, what good is life to me?"

Later, his sister confirmed what the followers and the media suspected: "Amaia is not going through her best moment."

The statement made by Idoia, Amaia's sister, in the Susanna Griso program caused the followers not to stop asking about the health of the former member of La Oreja de Van Gogh.

At the time, Idoia confessed that the family felt very overwhelmed by the questions from the fanssince, they were demanding too many explanations after the photograph, the message and another subsequent comment from the singer in the She stressed that she felt “destroyed”.

Recently, the family of the interpreter of 'Born to believe' released new news about his state of health, "It's a little better now."

In statements made in the newspaper 'El Español', his family stated that Amaia Montero is going through a bump in her life, but she is not alone.

Likewise, her family reiterates that it will be the composer herself who will speak about her condition later, once she recovers, but for the moment, prefers to stay away from social networks.

Her mother, Pilar SaldĂ­as, her sister Idoia, plus her close friends are accompanying the interpreter of 'Por ti' and are protecting her at this time.

Meanwhile, her followers and colleagues from the artistic world have used the singer's social networks to express their support and affection.

For its part, the singer's family prefers to stay away from any media focus and focus on your recovery and in the composition of their new songs.

So far, the artist has released four albums and is considering releasing a fifth LP.

As for when Montero will make known out loud what is happening to him, his family believes that this will not happen soon, since his sister fears that the media impact of his testimony will harm their mother.

In that sense, they have not contemplated that the interpreter of 'Cuéntame al ear' give interviews to any media, at least shortly.

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