Almost naked, Chiquis Rivera turns around and shows off her micro waist on Instagram


Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. /Getty Images

We had already announced it and now there is no doubt, Chiquis Rivera He lost weight and it’s not that he lost just a few extra pounds, the amount of weight he has left behind is barbaric. sample of this, it was noticed when she was almost naked in one of her usual massages. When he finished, he turned around and, with cell phone in hand, showed all his curves and his prominent and tiny waist. Instagram. Of course she had on an almost invisible dental floss and a matching top.

The “Queen bee“She is unleashed, skinnier and very successful lately. Chiquis Rivera has picked up several successful projects in recent months. In addition, he has left more than one with his jaw on the floor Instagram by showing the amount of weight you have lost. The daughter of Jenni Rivera she is getting some massages with coffee that they say are the best treatments for cellulite. There she showed off her curves in front and behind almost naked and wearing an almost invisible dental floss.

Days before, Chiquis Rivera was seen inside a record store in Guadalajara, Mexico. There you could see her thinness with some tight lycras that she was wearing. The other good news is that the ex of Lorenzo Mendez found his album inside in the new releases section.

Hours before, he had surprised a fan who had a birthday and appeared there with balloons, flowers and gifts. Not only the fan of Chiquis Rivera he was moved to tears. Her entire family was surprised by the artist’s act of humility regional mexican Most mentioned right now.

Chiquis Rivera is in the middle of his tour”Queen Bee Tour” through several cities in the United States and Mexico. In addition, she has not stopped releasing songs and video clips from her latest album that bears the same name. By the way, for this audiovisual material, of which her boyfriend has been in charge of the director emilio sanchezChiquis even dared to bathe in honey just to please her fans.

Their beauty products are still in the premiere too. In the last few months she has put out several lipsticks, an eyebrow pencil and did a very creative Barbie campaign with a partner for that specific line. There Chiquis He dressed like a doll and even got into a box for them but on a giant scale. Without a doubt, this singer is giving her all to make herself felt.

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