All ready! This is how the Inauguration of the 2023 Pan American Games was experienced

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In it National Stadiumwith more than 40 thousand spectators, the Inauguration of the Pan American Games, Santiago 2023fair that will take place October 20 to Sunday, November 5.

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With representations of different cultures which the South American country has, the presentation of the 2023 Pan American Games began.

Argentina opened the parade despite not being the first country in alphabetical order, this, due to being the first host in the history of the fairas is done in the Olympic Gameswhere Greece is the first in going out.

One of the nations most applauded at the National Stadium was Brazilwho arrive as favorites in different disciplines and dream of reaching the 100 gold medalswhich -according to their comments- would allow them to finish in the second step of the medal table.

For its part, USA -as a big favorite to stay at the top of the medal table- made his appearance to applause and ovations of those present.

They broke it! This was the Mexican parade at the Inauguration of the Pan American Games, Santiago 2023

Chile was the last delegation to leave to the National Stadium and, as could not be missed, the National Stadium 'exploded' of joy with light set included; Of the details that caught the most attention was the iinclusion of a diversity flag on his journey.

Good evening to the entire American Continent, from here, today, October 20, I declare with great pride and joy that the 19th edition of the Pan American and Parapan American Games has been solemnly inaugurated,” said the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, excitedly.

Continuing the journey that began from Teotihuacán, Mexico, the Panamericana flame passed through the hands of former athletes Kristel KöbrichIván Zamorano, Alfonso de Iruarrizaga, Fernando Gonzalez, Nicolás Massú and Lucy López (first woman to win a Pan American medal for Chile). These last three were the ones they lit the cauldron.

Finally, it was the 29-year-old Colombian singer, Sebastián Yatra, who gave the 'lock' of the Inauguration.


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