'Alito' and Dante Delgado star in campaign spots in their games

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At the beginning of the pre-campaigns in Mexico City, Yucatán and Jalisco, Dante Delgado of Citizen Movement and Alejandro Moreno of the PRI, star in their parties' spots, while the other parties decided to run generic spots while they outline the participation of their pre-candidates.

Only in Jalisco, Citizen movement promotes Pablo Lemusas a pre-candidate for the governorship of the entity.

In the three entities the BREAD, will manage a spot where he talks about his government achievements in Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Yucatán. In another, he talks about the “pure stories” that the ruling party told and that will soon end.

The PRI, with “Alito” Moreno In two spots, he mentions the historical achievements of the PRI and spreads the phrase “we are not perfect, but we deliver results and we know how to govern.”

The PRD broadcasts a single advertisement in the three entities with a cork in Morena's colors, which moves on a table to fall from it, at the rhythm of a heartbeat.

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Dante Delgado He appears in a spot for the three entities, talking about “greatness” and “joy” as what needs to be recovered in Mexico, in addition to mentioning that “the future is orange.”

Only in Jalisco does the MC candidate appear, Pablo Lemusintroducing himself and stating that he wants to be the candidate for governor Citizen movement in Jalisco.

Morena, in the three entities, asks to support the transformation so that their governments do not lie, do not steal and do not betray, in addition to repeating the motto "hope unites us."

While the P.T. In its advertisements for the three entities it repeats the slogan “the PT is the 4T” the Green party in its advertisements highlights the initiatives that the Green deputies and senators have supported to maintain social programs.

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