Alianza Lima vs Cantolao LIVE See League 1 Max TODAY: 'blue and white' win 1-0 with a goal from Franco Zanelatto for the Closing Tournament

Alianza Lima vs Cantolao LIVE See League 1 Max TODAY:
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Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: match for date 12 of the Closing Tournament of League 1 2023

MIN 45+3: the first half ended. Alianza Lima wins 1-0 against Cantolao.

MIN 42: Robinson Alzamora (Cantolao) blocked Aldair Rodríguez's (Alianza) shot from goal near the six-yard box.

MIN 34: yellow cards for Gino Peruzzi (Alianza) and Hebert Vergara (Cantolao) for mutual aggression after disputing for the ball.

MIN 31: Yellow card for Pablo Míguez (Alianza) for a foul against Stefano Velasco (Cantolao)

MIN 28: shot by 'Cachito' Ramírez (Cantolao) bounced off Pablo Míguez (Alianza) and went to the corner kick.

MIN 25: Ricardo Lagos (Alliance) made sense after the foul by Robinson Alzamora (Cantolao)

MIN 21: Ugh! Goalkeeper Christian Limousin (Cantolao) saved the fall of his goal after a shot by Franco Zanelatto (Alianza) after a cross from Aldair Rodríguez.

MIN 17: goalkeeper √Āngelo Campos (Alianza) came out of his goal and cut off Mario Tajima's dangerous cross (Cantolao)

MIN 7: Alianza Lima goal! Franco Zanelatto opened the scoring 1-0 against Cantolao.

MIN 2: the game is stopped due to a dangerous clash of heads between Sebasti√°n Lojas (Cantolao) and Jes√ļs Castillo (Alianza)

MIN 1: the first half began.

The teams enter the field of play and carry out the protocol act at the beginning of the duel for the Closing Tournament.

Warm-up of the Alianza Lima starting team before the duel with Cantolao for League 1.

Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: Christian Cueva is the starter and does pre-competitive work
Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: Christian Cueva is the starter and does pre-competitive work

This is what the south stand of the Iván Elías Moreno stadium in Villa El Salvador looks like minutes before the duel between Alianza Lima and Cantolao.

Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: match for League 1 2023
Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: match for League 1 2023

Alignments of Alianza Lima vs Cantolao

Lima Alliance: Angelo Campos; Gino Peruzzi, Yordi V√≠lchez, Pablo M√≠guez, Ricardo Lagos; Josepmir Ball√≥n, Jes√ļs Castillo, Aldair Rodr√≠guez, Christian Cueva, Franco Zanelatto and Hern√°n Barcos.

Cantolao: Christian Limousin; Robinson Alzamora, Facundo Moreira, Francisco Duclós, Sebastián Lojas; Alonso Tamariz, Luis Ramírez, Rafael Guarderas, Mario Tajima, Stefano Velasco and Hebert Vergara.

Alianza Lima starting team against Academia Cantolao for the Closing Tournament.
Alianza Lima starting team against Academia Cantolao on date 12 of the Clausura Tournament - Credit: Alianza Lima


Recommendations for fans who will attend Alianza vs Cantolao.

Recommendations to attend Alianza Lima vs Cantolao in Iván Elías Moreno.
Recommendations to attend the Alianza Lima vs Cantolao in Iván Elías Moreno - Credits: Cantolao.

Alianza Lima left for the Iván Elías Moreno stadium in Villa El Salvador.

Hern√°n Barcos and Gino Peruzzi with the Alianza Lima uniform.
The Alianza Lima delegation headed to the stadium where they will face Cantolao - Credits: Alianza Lima.

Alianza Lima vs Cantolao: Game day! The 'intimate' will visit today, Saturday, September 9, at 'Dolphin' by date 12 of Closing Tournament 2023. The sporting event will take place at Iván Elías Moreno stadium from Villa El Salvador from 3:00 p.m. in Peru. Those from La Victoria will look for a victory to get closer to the leader Sporting Cristal and stay at the top of the accumulated.

Alianza Lima will seek to extend Mauricio Larriera's undefeated record

Lima Alliance maintains a streak of seven games without losing, being four under the Uruguayan's mandate Mauricio Larriera. Since the arrival of Gerardo Pelusso's former assistant, they tied with Cusco FC (1-1) and Cienciano (0-0), they defeated UTC 1-0 with both Bryan Reyna and by the same score to Alianza Atlético with conquest of Aldair Rodríguez.

To face the Callao team they will have some casualties, but several recoveries. Confirmed absences are Santiago Garcia, Nicol√°s Amasifuen, Bryan Reyna and Pablo Sabbag. The first two and the 'Sheikh' They are in the rehabilitation process, while the winger has a tear in his right leg and had also been sent off in his team's last presentation. The steering wheel Jairo Concha and the defender Carlos Zambrano They are still a doubt, but they could be included in the squad after overcoming their physical problems.

Cantolao seeks to leave the bottom of the Accumulated Table

Despite a notable improvement in the Clausura Tournament, Cantolao Academy It is still the worst team in numbers in the peruvian soccer so far this year and one of the main candidates to go down to league 2. He 'Dolphin' is located in box 16 of the second competition of the season with 10 points and in 19th place in the Cumulative Table with 19 units. However, a victory against Alianza Lima could take them out of the bottom of the standings. To get out of the relegation positions they need 12 points, since Unión Comercio has 31. In addition, they have the weakest offense in the competition with just 16 goals and are the third most scored with 51, only ahead of Binacional and Trade Union.

However, the team led by the Argentine Adrian Taffarel He has a reason to be excited, and that is that in his last three appearances at home he does not know what it is like to lose. He beat Universidad Técnica de Cajamarca 2-0, tied 1-1 with Sport Huancayo and beat Alianza Atlético 1-0.

Unión Comercio lost 2-1 against Academia Cantolao.
Cantolao has just lost in his last game. It was 2-1 against Unión Comercio.

Possible alignments of Alianza Lima and Cantolao

Lima Alliance: Angelo Campos; Gino Peruzzi, Pablo M√≠guez, Yordi V√≠lchez, Ricardo Lagos; Josepmir Ball√≥n, Jes√ļs Castillo; Aldair Rodr√≠guez, Christian Cueva, Gabriel Costa; Hern√°n Barcos.

Cantolao Academy: Christian Limousin; Sebastián Lojas, Facundo Moreira, Francisco Duclós, Alonso Tamariz; Mario Tajima, Stefano Velasco, Rafael Guarderas, Junior Huerto; Hebert Vergara and Brian Calabrese.

Referee and VAR of Alianza Lima vs Cantolao

The National Commission of Referees (Conar) appointed Jesus Cartagena as judge of Alianza Lima vs Cantolao. He 'man in black' He will be accompanied by Anderson Quispe and Héctor Fiuza. Alexander Blas completes the shortlist as fourth official. Video arbitration (VAR) will be led by Kevin Ortegawhile Milagros Arruela will be his assistant.

Jesus Cartagena
Jes√ļs Cartagena was chosen by Conar to direct the Alianza Lima vs Cantolao on date 12 of the Clausura Tournament.

What channel does Alianza Lima vs Cantolao broadcast?

Alianza Lima vs Cantolao today, Saturday September 9, can be seen through Liga 1 Max. The 'chalacos' are one of the 12 teams that signed a contract with 1190 Sports and therefore their matches can be seen through operators authorized by the Peruvian Football Federation. Among them are Best Cable, Claro TV and DirecTV. The latter announced a new service that includes the championship matches for free. Finally, the sporting event will also be seen on the Liga 1 Max streaming platform, which has a monthly cost of S/ 59.90 soles.

Latest results of Alianza Lima vs Cantolao

Since the promotion of Academia Cantolao to the Peruvian first division, they faced Alianza Lima on 11 occasions and the advantage for the 'blue and white' It's overwhelming. In the history between both teams, the Victorians managed to win six times, drew four and only had a single defeat. The only time the 'yellows' They won in Phase 1 of League 1 2020 by 1-0 with a goal from Mario Tajima. The most recent precedent between the two dates back to the 2023 Apertura Tournament at the Matute stadium, which ended with a 3-0 local victory with scores from Pablo Sabbag, Bryan Reyna and Hern√°n Barcos.

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